What is a corporate video? We run through what it is and share some examples to help you understand how and why your business will benefit from it.

So just what is Corporate a Video Exactly?

In simple terms it is the production of a video by a company, corporation or organisation. The possible uses and applications are endless; with most using it mainly to promote their brand or product that is often considered its main usage. However it has so much more potential and can be used in all areas of your business, often with applications you never thought existed. From training videos to events and live streaming; the uses are infinite.

Looking for an example? Our corporate video case study on how Matt Haley Films has been helping global corporation Sintillate is a great example of how it has benefited a real life organisation. In the meantime check out some other examples below.

Example Video Producer - What is a corporate video?

How can I use it in my business?

What is a corporate video has now been answered but you may be wondering, just how can I use a corporate video in my business? Below we have found some great examples of corporate videos, as well as some great examples of the more obscure uses they have to offer.

Brand Awarness: Wideroe – Grandpa’s Magic Trick

This corporate video is a fantastic example of a plain and simple production aimed to increase brand awareness for the airline Wideroe. Out of all the adverts i have watched this is almost certainly one of my absolute favourites. It has a great story and brings out emotion within the viewer which is crucial for grabbing your viewers attention and making a memorable and effective piece. It is also very clever in the way that it does not make it obviously clear that Windroe are an airline company but instead it uses a subliminal message of using the plane as the subject – a well thought out concept.

Air New Zealand – Safety Briefing

Here is yet another great example. By making a concept normally regarded as mundane and boring much more interesting, it shows just what an amazing tool it can be. Air New Zealand have cleverly taken a Lord of the Rings take on this in flight safety video. Because of it’s amusing and very different take it instantly engages passengers, meaning that more people pay attention to instructions that could save their lives. As with a lot of corporate video production, a well produced piece often has more than just one use. While this was used primarily to improve passengers health and safety, it has also gained the airline huge brand awareness from its 12 million views on YouTube.

Always – #likeagirl

This is another great example of how video can be a hugely effective tool in any advertising campaign. With Always’s campaign #likeagirl uses this to great effect to help raise awareness not just of their brand but a cause which is very important to millions of women around the world. By comparing a selection of different womens viewpoints, they help the viewer to relate to the individuals. By increasing the ability to relate to the subjects it provokes you to think about the message of the campaign #likeagirl being wrongly used as an insult. In this way it is very effective at changing peoples perspective on this phrase gives women confidence to stand up and be the best they can be.

We hope these examples have inspired you to consider corporate video production as part of your next marketing campaign. At Video My Business we offer assistance in finding a video producer for your business for free.

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