Video marketing is gaining popularity today and becomes one of the most effective brand promotion strategies. Here I provide a short overview of the most engaging video marketing trends for 2021.

Video is the most favorite content format today, particularly when it goes to mobile videos. We love watching videos because they connect to the person, brand, or product behind the screen emotionally. We feel interacting with them almost like in the real world. So, it’s not surprising that video marketing is gaining momentum right now. In 2021, we’re going to see its fast evolution and a lot of novelty. Here I overview the top most exciting video marketing trends expected this year.

WFH and Raw Content

Work-from-home videos have become the trend because… the reality is that most of us work from home. This topic and environment are close and familiar to everyone. Everyone is curious about how others spend their time when staying “locked” at home.

One of my favorite examples is the incredible work of The Washington Post on TikTok. One of their reporters posts the world’s video news on TikTok right from his home. Imagine a reporter counting 50 days of his stay at home. These “WFH” videos make me smile every time I watch them.

Entertainment Video Platforms

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In 2021, entertainment video platforms are expected to become even more popular. Actually, we have already mentioned one of them. It’s TikTok, one of the fastest-evolving video mediums today. What I have found out about TikTok in the context of business and marketing is that it’s not about “informative videos” (however, they are also present there), but rather about entertaining and interacting. If you’re going to post business news or your brand’s updates on TikTok, make sure they are presented in a funny format.

User-Generated Content

People love to interact with people. It’s an obvious truth, but brands tend to forget about it when running social media marketing campaigns. People love watching how other people live, feel, interact, and have fun. User-generated content gives them a feeling of involvement and dispels shades of loneliness during the lockdown. I mention the lockdown once again, although it refers to any other time of human existence. Everyone has faced this feeling regardless of the social status, family, friends, or colleagues. So, user-generated content is always relevant and lets you connect with the audience at a more personal level.

Animated Videos

Animation is still one of the most loved content types. Why? Lovely animated videos remind us of the sweet childhood vibes. Bold and stylish animation makes us feel excitement and innovation. It is a limitless medium for expressing your incredible business, marketing, and product presentation ideas.

It’s limitless because you can draw and animate everything literally: giant Nike sneakers flying in the vastness of space or a Nespresso coffee shop in the ant’s micro-world. Today, many companies find animated explainer videos the most engaging way to present their new products, business concepts, and the brand itself. In animated explainers, you can zoom your product details to a macro-view, dissemble it and showcase hidden components, and place a product in surprising environments that emphasize its mood and character.

Video Sequencing

YouTube and Facebook have already had video remarketing features before, and LinkedIn is the last major video-advertising platform that has recently opened this function. Video remarketing means the opportunity to implement video sequenced advertising. In other words, if someone watches a certain percentage of your video, they can be added to a specific advertising audience.

It allows you to create “video ad funnels” and display series of video ads to people. What’s most important is the ability to run this video sequence as a story and turn an advertisement into an engaging online experience.

LinkedIn Live Video

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels

Live video streaming is one of the most engaging ways to share the brand’s vibe and voice on social media. It’s predicted that LinkedIn’s live video function will come out from the beta mode very soon, and we’ll see even more live videos shared by brands, from startups to industry giants. LinkedIn live videos are a new opportunity for companies to build their communities on this huge business networking platform.


Have you ever heard about bite-sized or sneak videos? These are short videos under 1 minute. We also call them “micro-videos.” Marketing goes micro this year. Micro-videos, micro-influencers, micro-communities. Everything goes micro because the beauty of conciseness and the elegance of “micro” works like a flash. It surprises, amazes, and creates intrigue around a brand.

Video Marketing Is Becoming Even More Exciting

What does await us in 2021? Nobody knows it for sure. With regards to video marketing, we can make some predictions based on current digital innovations and the audience’s preferences. Above, I have considered video marketing trends that are going to boom in the online world. I hope that they will inspire businesses to experiment with their marketing strategies a little bit more, incorporate innovations, and start a closer interaction with a target audience.

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