Video has been growing in importance as a marketing tool for the past few years.

The time people spend – not just Millenials – watching online video continues to grow. Time spent watching video has now surpassed time spent on social media. It’s predicted that mobile video traffic will grow by 55 percent each year until 2020.

Whatever device your target market prefers, you need to start offering video content to gain and hold their attention. Here are some different ways video marketing will grow your business.

Video Helps Your Business Get Found Online

Video should be part of your SEO strategy. It pushes your content up search result rankings for a number of reasons. First, when Google sees video content on your website, it assumes you’re providing a content-rich, engaging experience for visitors. Video, as already noted, is getting a lot of people’s online attention. When people stay on your site to watch a video, Google also takes note of longer session times your website gets. Google likes that too.

Placing video content on YouTube and other video platforms, including social media sites, also helps your SEO. You don’t want to put all your video content on your website, because that can slow down your loading times. No problem. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, which owns YouTube by the way. Having some video content on YouTube means your business can start appearing in those search results too.

Your YouTube channel will also provide backlinks to your website, which increases your business’s chances of being found online. You can also improve your ranking, both for your website and for your videos getting found on YouTube, when you use the right tags and upload your video transcripts. This text content gets crawled, so it enhances the SEO value of your video.

Video Holds People’s Attention and Improves Delivery of Your Message

After your videos have gotten your website or video channel noticed, the videos now hold people’s attention. You’ll often hear that movement is the top of the visual hierarchy, because it’s true. Movement will always catch people’s eyes. They can’t help but look. Having an autoplay video on your homepage can draw people in.

One word of warning: People hate autoplay audio. If you are going to autoplay a video, turn off the audio. People will turn on the audio themselves.

Now that you’ve gotten their attention, video has the power to deliver your business’s messages more effectively than flat text. First, video engages more areas of the brain than reading, which helps messages stick. But that’s also because you can tell a better story through video.

People connect more easily to others when they’re more than an image or words on a page. If you’re posting video sharing some behind the scenes with the team, or a client testimonial talking about how you’ve helped them – viewers will identify more strongly with them, than if they just read about them.

Video Strengthens Your Relationship with Your Prospects and Customers

According to Online Publishers Association, 46% of video viewers engage with the video somehow, including visiting the source’s website or researching for more information.

Presenting personal stories and humanizing your business through video gives people a reason to connect back with you. Inbound marketing is based on building trust and credibility with your audience. That takes time. The stickiness of video, with its power to entertain and inform, keeps people engaged with your business. That’s more opportunities to build on your relationship.

You can embed calls-to-action (CTAs) directly within the videos, whether to download a report for more information (while you collect their email address) or to an online scheduling form. And don’t think videos are just for online content. Videos embedded in emails generate click-through rates 200-300% higher than those without.

Video is also a way your customers can connect back to you. User generated content (UGC) is very powerful marketing material. It’s social proof directly from your customer base that influences your prospects. The easiest and most popular type of UGC a customer can create is by turning on their phone camera. Encourage customers to post their videos and vines of themselves at your business or talking about it.

Which brings me to the next way video will grow your business:

People Love to Engage and Share Videos

Whether it’s their own UGC about your business or your videos, people love to engage with video via social media. They’ll “like,” comment, and share them. With 2.1 billion active social media users, that’s a huge field of potential ambassadors sharing your marketing.

Snapchat gets 10 billion daily video views. I’ve already talked about the opportunity Facebook’s Live Stream presents. That’s content you can repurpose as recorded video cuts.

From attraction to conversion to creating ambassadors for your business, video content can punch up every aspect of your marketing. It’s time to figure out where video fits into your inbound marketing strategy.