You’re ready to create videos, but stuck on what topics to start with? Have I got a value-packed episode for you!

Most people just tell you where to go looking for ideas.
Other people tell you many topics but don’t tell you which ones are likely to perform well.

In this video, I’ll not only tell you HOW to find great video topics, but also how to shortlist those topics according to the MOST POPULAR TRENDING TOPICS so you can immediately start making videos people will actually care about!

Let’s jump right in!!

How to Find Video Content Ideas

Step 1. Keep a notebook to write ideas that come to you on the fly

The first thing to do is to be prepared! With my methods you’ll soon be generating so many video content ideas you won’t know what to do with all of them! So it’s best to be prepared and write them all down. I use the Evernote app on my phone to write down ideas (I literally have a notebook called Content Ideas!). You can use whatever works for you – a whiteboard, a journal, pen and paper, an excel sheet. But use something!

Step 2: Keyword research ideas using answerthepublic (aggregates Google autosuggest)

The next tool I use to come up with literally hundreds of ideas is called

Think about your business and industry for a minute. Now think about the millions of searches people are typing into Google every minute of every day. Was are the chances that people are asking Google questions that you might be able to answer?

AnswerthePublic aggregates all the data from Google’s autosuggest feature and puts it in an awesome visual diagram for you to make sense of. There are literally hundreds of ideas that you can use on just about any given topic! And not just that but you cave their visualisation as an image for later reference or export the data as a CSV file to be harnessed later for ideas.

My next fave tool is a Chrome extension called TubeBuddy. This awesome software help you do keyword research just for YouTube. Go to the Tag Explore and go nuts trying to input various keywords from your research in step 1 to see which one has the potential to rank well on YouTube. And by ranking hugh you are ensuring that people who need your content will find it. TubeBuddy has has a trending tab which is absolutely amazing for finding ideas that are likely to go viral – or at least get you a huge amount of views very quickly and literally jump start your channel. And finally, check the map for whether your chosen keywords are going up in search results or not to ensure there will be demand for this topic later on as well.

Step 4: Create series-based content that keeps people coming back and allows you to explore the topic from different perspectives.

This step is essential to becoming an authority and owning your niche. Too many people just scratch the surface of topics and move on. If you go deep you brand yourself an expert in your area. And it’s much easier to go deep than go wide. So create series based content which explores your chosen topics from different angles and perspective and give it more meaning. On your YouTube channel, people will have that many more videos to watch on the topic and will move from video to video to learn more – an activity that YouTube will reward you with because it wants people to stay on the platform.

So there you have it. My not-so-secret ideas to generating hundreds of content ideas and finding trending popular topics to jump start your channel with. Comment below with what was the most interesting part of this video for you!