In the hectic world we live in, we are surrounded by brands trying to catch our interest in many different ways. They offer us plenty of things to do, to see, to hear… In short, there’s a lot of content out there competing for our limited attention.

So, when you see so many businesses going for explainer videos as key pieces of their marketing strategy, it doesn’t take a genius to know there’s something valuable there.

Now, not every explainer is created equal. Variety and adaptability are staples of the style. But one thing all great explainer videos have in common can be reduced to two words: effective branding.

Yes. Your brand’s character should shine through every element on the screen. Making your video unique while distinguishing it from every other piece of content out there.

So today, you’ll learn what aspects to tweak to make the most out of branding and create an explainer that’s hard to forget.


Display Your Logo Organically

We can’t talk about effective video branding without mentioning your logo since it plays an essential part in your brand recognition. The thing is, it can be hard to know how to include it in your video.

You see, explainer videos shouldn’t be too “salesy.” The viewers should engage with the narrative and be immersed in it, almost forgetting they are watching a piece of advertisement.

Now, if you deploy the logo without context that justifies its presence, it can take the viewers out of the story. So, here are two methods to display your logo organically and efficiently.

As you might know, an explainer video often starts by focusing on the customer’s pain-points. It’s only later that the company’s product is introduced as a way of dealing with them. That is the ideal moment to present your logo: paired with the first mention of your brand or product.

It should take the stage for a brief instant before moving on. Then, near the end, you can reinforce your branding by also displaying it as the video draws to a close.

Between those two tentpole moments, though, your logo should appear only subtly. That way, you can showcase it without affecting the story’s natural pace and development.

A common practice is to try to display it on some objects on the screen, as part of the setting. Even better if those elements are somewhat related to your brand! For instance, if your company’s building appears in the video, your logo can be shown as a sign at the door.

However, don’t get too carried away with this technique, or you’ll be back with the problem of being too much “in your viewer’s faces.

Implementing Your Color Palette

First impressions matter and few things have as much influence on first impressions as color!

In fact, between 62% and 90% of the initial judgment a person makes about someone or something is purely based on color. Quite a lot, isn’t it? But when you think about it, it comes as no surprise.

You may have already noticed that the overall impression of any visual piece varies depending on its predominant colors. Take the video below as an example. The company went for a color palette that conveyed professionalism and innovation. Do you think it would express the same vibe if it was made in green tones and had a white background?

Probably not.

Anyway, the company didn’t so much choose that color palette just because it reflects innovation, but because those are the colors that represent their brand! You can find the same colors scattered throughout their logo, their webpage, their social media accounts, and their other pieces of content.

And no, it’s no coincidence. It is the sort of tactic that helps people receive a cohesive message from a brand across all of its channels.

So, when deciding your video’s palette, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Stick to those colors that already represent your brand and reflect its identity. Or take the opportunity to define the colors that should represent it! Then, implement those colors in the aesthetic elements of your video: the clothing, the setting, the objects, etc.

You will, of course, use other colors as well. However, keep in mind those should only appear as a complement to the rest of the videos’ aesthetics, without prevailing as the protagonists of the piece.

Underline Your Brand’s Presence with Animation

Few things benefit video branding more than animation.

For starters, animated video companies can deal more easily with the mentioned branding aspects ―the logo’s placement and the color palette. The logo can be incorporated more smoothly in the scene, and your brand’s color scheme can be applied in greater detail.

But branding your video also requires adapting many other features to fit the company’s identity.

That’s easy to do with animation, as the medium allows you to create your video’s characters, location, and objects from scratch to reflect your brand’s identity through them.

You can even make a green beaver ride a rocket if that’s what it takes to get your message across!

Live-action videos, on the other hand, require you to be much more retrained with your ideas. Decisions about the story and the elements on the screen are limited to the possibilities and realities of your budget in a much more stringent way.

Use Powerful Storytelling

Branding isn’t limited to your videos’ aesthetics either. It should also be taken into account when creating the script itself.

Shoot for a story with your brand’s “personal” touch in it. Making sure you are weaving a message that can transmit its values and essence.

Take the video below, for example. It tells the story of the company and highlights the importance they give to their ancient methods of treating cinnamon.

However, an explainer video is truly memorable when branding is paired with emotion-driven storytelling.

We remember best those things that genuinely strike a chord with us, making us laugh, cry, or feel empowered. Basically, it becomes much easier to remember something if it expresses a powerful emotion.

That emotion should be related to your brand’s distinctive attitude. For instance, if your company comes across as modern and fun, then you probably shouldn’t go for nostalgia or FOMO.

In a nutshell, try to touch your viewer’s heart while being faithful to your brand’s unique tone.

Parting Thoughts

What use is an explainer video if once seen, people can’t tell where it came from?

Let me answer for you: none! That’s why branding your video shouldn’t be treated as “an option,” but a priority.

Every major element in your video should convey your brand’s identity in some way. Otherwise, your resources and efforts might fail to pan out.

That said, don’t get carried away with it! It’s not like the more branding; the more memorable your company will be. In fact, too much brand references can become evident to the viewers, and take them out of the message your video wants to convey. It’s better to go for a subtle branding that’s subconsciously perceptible but doesn’t call too much the attention.