If you are looking for effective ways to promote your website, the inclusion of videos on your website’s landing or product pages will perhaps serve you the best! Videos have been around since many decades now and our fixation to watching television is a clear indication of the fact that we prefer videos over any other kind of media on any given day. With the inclusion of videos on your product or landing page, you get a chance to engage your audiences passively. Speaking of passive engagement, you should know that videos will help your audience in experiencing the message loud and clear, that too with very little effort.

In fact, a study conducted on this subject has shown that the use of videos on a landing or product page can increase the conversion rate by almost 80 percent! As a result, more than 60 percent of businesses on the internet have started paying more attention to video campaigns. In a survey conducted on these businesses, it was found that 66 percent of these businesses were not making such front-row use of videos on their websites almost a year ago! Since videos on the web are of much interest to audiences of all ages, this trend of using videos on landing or product pages is definitely going to get mainstream usage and attention in the coming years.

How I Started Incorporating Videos to Promote My Website’s Landing Pages

Well, I spent the first few years of my blogging career sticking to just written content. Being a content writer myself, I was focusing more on creating fresh, original content for my blog and with time, I had a fair share of regular traffic as well. However, with time, I saw a decrease in the number of daily visits and that’s when I started looking for ways to optimize the content present on my blog along with strategies to keep my audience engulfed! This is when I came across several bloggers who had recently started using videos for marketing their landing pages.

Now, this is one lesson in blogging that I would definitely pass onto all aspiring bloggers out there. The inclusion of videos on your landing page or your product page makes sure that people stay on your page for longer time, hence giving your brand name and message longer time to sink in your audience’s mind. Also, I am someone who, if given a choice, will certainly watch a video rather than reading through a 500-page document. This further helped me in understanding the behavior and mind set of people who visit my blog. I am now regularly using videos across all my blogs and it continues to benefit me in achieving both my long and short term goals.

Let us now take a look at some of the better video making software which would be a great fit for videos on your landing and product pages.

3 Video Making Tools Which Would Be Good for your Landing Pages

  • mysimpleshow

mysimpleshow is developed by famous simpleshow that has created explainer videos for corporate business over more than 9 years. This is yet another online video making platform that is good for creating explainer videos. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or running a small business, then you should never ignore visual marketing to drive good conversions. The creative team behind mysimpleshow believe in the power of visual storytelling that leaves a special impact on the audience and stays for long in mind. In case, if you are creating crowd funding videos for your business or startups then this platform will be a great option.

  • Director Suite

Director Suite from Cyberlink is not just a pro video making and editing software, rather it is an all in one media software. Director Suite is an entire creative suite in itself that comes with creation and editing options for videos, images, as well as audio files. There are four different programs, namely Audio Director, Power Director, Photo Director, and Color Director, and each of these programs helps in creating optimized videos and other media that you can use across your websites and blogs.

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC from Adobe is a constantly evolving video making and editing software. Coming from none other than Adobe, it is no big surprise that this is one of the best professional video making software out there! It is basically a nonlinear video maker and editor tool that comes with great versatility and power, which together results in the creation of one of a kind videos. It is suitable for the creation of full-length movies, vlog posts, music videos, and instructional demonstrative videos as well.

Videos not only enhance the overall look and feel of your website, but its use on your landing or product page also ensures longer visitor engagements. Start using more videos on your landing/product pages and see the increase in conversion yourself!