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It’s been over 100 years since the first movie trailer was shown. In the early 1910s, movie trailers were shown at the end of movies in the theatre, hence the name, however the goal was the same: to advertise upcoming movies.

To achieve this, trailers need to sell the films and make them sound too good to be missed. They can’t give away the whole film as people wouldn’t go and see it.

Trailers also need to be quick, audiences have very short attention spans and unless they are seeing the main event, they will be unwilling to sit through a long advert.

So What Can You Learn From Movie Trailers?

An explainer video has the same function and can take inspiration from movie trailers. Audiences are more likely to engage in exciting videos than commit any time on brands that develop slow videos with a poor storyline.

There are several dramatic elements that movie trailers use that can be transferred over to your videos. These elements include:

1. Short Scenes

Most movie trailers only have scenes that last just a few seconds. This quick change of images helps to keep your audience engaged.

2. High Impact Music

Music inspires an emotional response in audiences. Adding suitable music to your explainer videos will increase the emotional response in your viewing audience.

3. Focused Information

There would be no point in a movie trailer unless there was enough information for the audience to take action afterwards.

This includes when the film will be showing, who is directing the film and the leading actors. The same level of information should be on your explainer videos.

4. Not Giving The Game Away

Just like with trailers not giving away the full story, your explainer video must do the same. Create open loops on your explainer videos. Then your salesperson can pick up where the video leaves off when they meet potential clients.


Movie trailers are a source of inspiration for explainer videos. Consider watching some and take their key elements to make your explainer videos more successful.

What elements do you think make movie trailers successful? How do your videos compare?

Remember: The script is the key to create an awesome explainer video.

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