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Video marketing has become a major force within modern advertising campaigns, social communication, and brand outreach. Recent HubSpot research shows that a majority of consumers prefer videos from favored brands over other types of content, including email newsletters and blog articles.

What video marketers have in common with everyone else in advertising and communications is the need to collaborate effectively on projects. Happily, more tools exist to meet this need than ever before. Read on for a look at which collaboration tools are a great fit for video marketing.


Many collaboration solutions place a heavy emphasis on communication capabilities designed to help teams organize how they divide up a project’s work, monitor progress, and seek, receive, and share feedback on the way to the finish line.

Communication tools streamline the process of sharing information with project collaborators, making it possible to stay on track and on the same page while sidestepping time-consuming in-person sessions and bottomless email chains.

One key resource here is video conferencing. HipChat, Skype, Slack, and Google Hangouts are popular platforms that will work well for video marketing teams who want to touch base without breaking stride.

Project managers who want to consolidate online discussions and keep them organized will want to explore collaboration platforms like Trello or Basecamp.

Screen sharing is another best practice for effective communication on video marketing and other detail-oriented content development teams. Camtasia goes beyond the screencasting capabilities of Skype or Google Hangouts to allow users to rapidly narrate and edit video. Web marketers even use the platform to generate original video content. And its annotation tools allow collaborators to draw attention to particular details in video content for which they want help or feedback.

Share & Organize Your Resources

Collaboration is a fancy word for teamwork, and teams can’t succeed or even get going without first pooling their resources. For teams developing video content, this means consolidating lots of data-rich materials across many file types, including images, animations, spreadsheets, schedules, and more.

File sharing and management tools allow teams to optimize their efforts by making needed resources available while documenting drafts and changes. Some platforms that provide great options for teams working on video content development include Nomadesk, Mediafire, Google Drive, Glasscubes, and the now-ubiquitous Dropbox.

According to users on TrustRadius, Dropbox is particularly useful for video marketers due to the large file sizes at stake in their development projects, and the speed and ease with which team members can share and edit them within the platform.

Stay on Track

Project management software are collaboration tools that support the planning, execution, and evaluation of team projects. They add lots of value to video marketing and other types of projects where shared work on large files is divided up into many stages among many collaborators to produce complex deliverables.

With project management solutions in hand, teams can delegate tasks to team members with appropriate skill sets, visibly track progress on a shared timeline, and facilitate real-time communication among team members and project managers about how everything is going.

The Take-Away

Video marketing can’t happen without effective video content development, and this usually calls for a lot of well-coordinated teamwork. Fortunately, there are plenty of collaboration tools designed to help teams plan and execute projects by communicating, organizing materials, delegating tasks, and supporting each other all the way from the drawing board to the finish line.