Little shocked? How can video marketing let you grow that too for biz?

This little trick has a zillion of advantages from increasing leads, to revenue.

Organizations need many things to drive like leadership, promotions, and many more. But in this noisy world, your brand needs a story to narrate!

Stories that are made for better marketing have extravagant emotions but to capture buyers like us they have to play with our nostalgia, influence who we trust, and help us make sense of complex information.

A real story takes a span of fewer than 3 minutes to communicate while the clever story helps you persuade.

As of now, 86% of the biz uses this marketing technique in attracting customers like us. While it was 67% in 2017.

Why use Video marketing when we have other Marketing Techniques?

Most of us don’t like to read as they are lazy or might have a shortage of time. So, they prefer video over blogs.

But video marketing has something unique. It is measurable, memorable, and understandable.

They are short with emotional engagement which is what most of us want.

Like, when it takes 5 minutes to Examination hall and you want to know about some concept. What is the first thing you do? Seeing images of a particular topic or playing a video. Right?

Because visuals help in memorizing the concept and make us easily grasp what they want to say.

Not only this, you can track and measure your target audience through video marketing in an appropriate way.

Yet, having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%, according to EyeWideDigital.

Before knowing what it does, we should know :

The Strategy of Video Marketing

Begin with the Video Goal

Without a goal, you can’t achieve the mission, and nor is it a success!

The foremost step for video marketing strategy is to set a goal that can be attained, realistic and measurable.

Initially, you will have to decide which stage is essential to target.

To attain this, we follow the video marketing funnel which has:

  • Awareness: This is a stage when the viewer realizes about the problem they are facing. Through this, our video should attract users and make a new family with the audience. Like when people are having problems while not posting on time. They searched and suddenly, they found an App called RecurPost which attract them.
  • Consideration: It is the stage of engaging the audience. Now, the user is happy as some App is solving the problem. But before proceeding, they will look for the cost-effectiveness of the product, reviews it, and look for alternatives to RecurPost.
  • Decision: After comparing all the features and research RecurPost remains at the top of the mind.

This is the time to present your prospect and ask them why you choose them over their competitors?

Now, you have an audience who is looking for you.

And still, you want a new audience. Attract them via a video, depending upon which stage you want to highlight. As in, for engaging the audience, you have to work on a Consideration video likewise the audience you require.

Find your Target Audience

This is the significant stage to work on, to find them, have to deal with these:

  • What is your product or service?
  • Which channel does your audience use the most?
  • What’s the purpose of making the video?

These three parameters will take you to the target audience you’re searching for!

Figure out what you want to Convey

It’s time to showcase to the audience what you’re. whether it is inspirational, entertaining or maybe, anything that attracts the audience.

Keep that in mind, Content is the key!

Keep Creative requirements In-Line

Your content should be ‘cre-ate-tive’. Nobody is interested in the same old content.

It should be out of the box, which will have high views and lead to high ranks in the search engines.

Stick to your timeline

Long breaks while uploading videos? Viewers say bye-bye.

There should be consistency in your videos.

Furthermore, whatever your target is, should be accomplished promptly.

Otherwise, viewers will choose your competitors over you!

Maintain a Budget

Creating a budget is easy. Right? But, creating it up to the requirement is a task to work on.

If you don’t set a budget for your goal then you won’t get it for how much you can have resources. right?

Plan where you want to splurge and where to save your money.

After knowing the strategy, who wants to wait for secrets. So, here it goes!

Secrets of Video Marketing

Increases Conversions Rate

Because videos are short and easy to grab. That is why it’s aces in the conversion rate.

While traveling we hardly see anyone without headphones or earphones. Most of them are watching something.

Like there is an organization that gives a holiday on the date when the money heist season comes but it never happens when a book is published. Can you see the value of video marketing?

Adding links to the article that has many leads can help in exposing your video which drives sales.

Assists in Purchase Decision

97% of people consider videos as a guide to their cart product or service.

It’s a great tool for learning and super easy to consume. Likes and dislikes of a video also help in selecting which one is worth watching.

It is like Popcorn from raw to eat within 2 minutes. You will get all the knowledge of your product through this form of marketing of any product or service.

Mobile users have a big share

Mobile goes hand in hand while watching the video. 90% of consumers watch through mobile.

YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.

Since people are updated with the mobile and so is the consumption of video. Every day a small share of people buy mobile, which increases the audience bigger and bigger.

Videos attract all the audience whether it’s a kid or an old person.

The more we watch, the higher it ranks.

Through video, a user invests more time on your website and ranks your website high on the search engine result page.

The average internet-using person invests 88% more time while watching a video according to data MistMedia. That’s too much!

Google algorithm is increasingly prioritizing the site which has video.

Like, dislikes, comments, title tag information, audience retention, keywords, video length are some pointers to keep in mind for the top search results.

Helps in boosting startups

Social media has played a role in turning the buying funnel into the web.

And Instagram has skyrocketed the market with its reels, customizable grids, and consumer consumption of the application.

Reels has given new scope to Video Marketing.

It has helped small businesses to grow. By entertaining, inspiring, educating, and revealing it has come a long way for startups /Small businesses

In addition to its video content, Hootsuite found that the day they publish IG reels there were spikes in the engagement of the audience.

Through reels, you can promote, share reviews, Feature an employee, Tips, Brief about your biz, Contest, Tutorials, and whatnot. To engage the audience and let them track you forever.

Not only this, through 15 seconds reels, boring things become interesting by adding music, following trends, and by graphic designing, this way, it entertains the audience and urges them to follow.

Video builds Trust

Like seriously, video builds trust sounds so weird. Isn’t it?

yes, seeing it right!

Belief is the key for every audience and brand relationship. To build hope and maintain it and ultimately to sell your product or service to them, they first must be loyal to you.

If you give tutorials about the product or service you’re providing, which are, so relatable to the audience’s doubts, will build faith in the customer’s mind.

Videos are transparent. They will show what they want to, which means to build your trust in a new brand they will showcase you the reviews and testimonials which will make you feel that the brand is not a fraud.

Showing the BTS is an addition to building loyalty.


Video marketing has given a new shape to the target audience. It is widespread and more affordable for all demographic factors.

Video usage is growing in part because of technological advancements, but also because it’s easy to distribute around the world. Making marketing videos for your business requires creativity and knowledge of human psychology. The combination of these ingredients makes it possible to create real advertising miracles at a low cost.

Creative and emotional videos will reach new heights in the long run. and that’s the whole point of video marketing, only creativity survives!

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