Lately, our team at 12 Stars Media has produced several fun videos around the office. While, at first, it may seem like these videos don’t have much of a point beyond goofing off and getting a few laughs, we’ve discovered a few other things that happened along the way. Here are three hidden benefits to producing and sharing fun videos…

1) Cross-training

Just like Nathan in our fun video, Infiltrate, your team members can shadow and learn from one another, work together on special projects, or just generally get to know more about each other’s daily work. You can set up cross-training like this deliberately and inform coworkers that during the video project they should shadow and learn from one another, but they’re bound to learn a thing or two even if you don’t prepare them with that expectation.

2) Culture

Coming up with a fun video project can and should reflect your company’s culture. Try to think of your company values and bring them to life with a fun video. Every employee needs an occasional reminder of why they really come to work every day and a fun video project focusing on one of your company’s core values and culture will ingrain more deeply than any words on paper.

3) Ownership

It’s a tough job getting your coworkers to understand and participate in your company’s marketing and communications goals. They have their own jobs to do, after all, and they probably don’t have time for you to explain your strategy to them, much less help execute it. A little success and achievement goes a long way toward uniting people to a cause. If you can get your coworkers to bond together over a fun video project, you may also see increased involvement with other goals and initiatives.

And see, you thought producing videos for fun was just for… well, fun. But, now that you know there can be hidden benefits for you and your coworkers, get out there and start planning your next fun video project.