social video headerVideo, video, video. From visibility to discovery, from old dogs to their new tricks, video has been on our minds a lot lately at the BuzzPlant office. We’ve discussed quite a few current video niche topics, such as Periscope/Meerkat, advertising, and extending your organic reach on Facbeook…

… but now it’s time for the 30,000-foot view. A new infographic from Marketing Land provides us with a comprehensive look at the seven biggest clip-based video-sharing networks (as opposed to live-stream networks). With the exception of Vine, all of these platforms allow advertisers the ability to promote their videos, and all (including Vine) allow brands to post natively.

Social Video Marketing… Need-to-Know Info
If you’re serious about jumping into the video space – and considering statistics like these, you should be – then this infographic is essential knowledge. For marketers who frequently have to explain different social video networks to clients on a regular basis, then the easy-to-scan content in this infographic should be very helpful.

Where to Find Examples of Social Video Marketing That Works
You can have all the tech specs and know the “rules” of what works and what doesn’t in social video marketing, but if you don’t have the creative intuition for it, your work may fall flat. Many brands are finding that by turning to influencers for their social video marketing, their reach (and budget) goes much further.

Whether you decide to take an in-house approach, outsource your content creation to an agency, or turn to influence marketers, be sure to check out these examples of social video that works

Major Features of Vine & Instagram Videos
This list of branded Instagram videos includes the bizarre, the educational, the artistic, and the cinematic. However, if they share a common strength, it’s that they take advantage of Instagram’s loop-playback. Instagram videos didn’t always loop like Vines. With this new feature, however, content creators have many more creative options.

Vine, of course, has always featured video loops. Target and Samsung are two advertisers on this list who have created some incredible Vines that take full advantage of the platform’s loop capabilities.

You don’t have to have expensive equipment and endless hours of manpower to pull of a great Vine – just take a look at the Vines from Lowe’s, General Electric, and NatWest Help in the same link above for creative and impactful examples that don’t involve nearly as much tech.

What Social Video Network Is Most Important for Your Brand?
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