As the co-founder of Three Motion Media as well as a clay pigeon shooting instructor, I spend an awful lot of my business and pleasure time shooting; so it was great watching Ed Ling win his hard earned bronze, while trap shooting in Rio.

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Well done Ed, Steven and Tim who came in fourth place for team GB after a shoot off with Steven, you made what is an incredibly hard discipline look easy, and I don’t think that anyone who hasn’t tried your trap shooting will understand the challenge and the concentration required.


So what can we learn in business from the effort required to be an Olympic trap shooter? Well the most important skill developed for any shotgun based sport, is that you have to put the shot pattern (the cone of pellets fired from any shotgun cartridge) ahead of the target. If you aim directly at a clay target, because it is moving, by the time your pattern gets to where the clay was it will be gone, so you will shoot behind it and miss.

In business it’s just the same, reaching out to many more potential customers than you actually need is the only way to guarantee that your messages will land enough new contracts and sales to grow and thrive. The shells fired by Ed in Rio have around 350 tiny lead pellets, and any one of them could break the clay if he put the pattern in the right place, scoring him another point.

What good shots are looking to do is put most of their pattern over the target, so that many pellets break the clay from each cartridge that they fire, and that’s what you see when a clay target literally explodes and turns to dust as multiple pellets break it.


In business, where the objective is to secure as much business as you can, the very best way to multiply your positive business messages is through professional digital video content delivered online. Think of a professional video for your business, as a very special shotgun cartridge containing not hundreds but potentially many thousands of pellets. By doing the work planning and having content made you are literally loading your shotgun, and when you deploy it on line you are pulling the trigger.

The beauty of the system is that from a single trigger pull you will break many targets. You just need to put your pattern in front of your chosen targets and watch the clays break as you connect with those interested in what your organisation delivers.

The question you need to ask about content you might currently have, is does it make the impact you need it to win you either Gold, Silver or Bronze, or will it keep you off the podium. Poor content still takes time and effort to create, but is no better than using a catapult, which isn’t a good idea in a clay trap competition, and will give your competitors a real advantage.

If you don’t currently use video content whether film or animation based at all, is it time to get into the competition, load your cartridges and see just how effectively pulling the online trigger is in driving your objectives?