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Not Shooting Video Yet with your Cellphone?

You’re not alone in being intimidated by the powerful tool in your hands. Without post production, special lighting, scripts and story boarding, some people are just too overwhelmed to share brand stories with cellphone video – especially live options. But they’re missing out for several reasons.

You should be shooting cellphone video because:

1. Platforms like Facebook are giving preference to native video – pushing it up for priority viewing in individual news feeds.
2. Tools are simpler and more affordable now with multiple options from free to premium, including smartphone apps that can let you edit on the fly.
3. Without experimentation in multiple channels, you may be missing out on an audience engagement opportunity to tell your story and build your following.
4. New creative tools, such as 360 video, are increasing engagement rates at a rapid pace.

Our client, Verizon’s Steve Van Dinter and a former TV broadcaster, shared his pro tips with a diverse group in Indy recently and we thought we’d share.

Steve’s suggestions for better cellphone video content:

1. Don’t set high expectations.
2. Start simply.
3. Make sure you have the right tools.
4. Shoot in the highest quality – most smartphones today offer 4K video and most social media channels compress that video appropriately.
5. Always keep the phone horizontal, not vertical.
6. Don’t zoom (just move closer to your subject).

Others tips from our content workshop:

1. YouTube provide a good list of royalty free music options for use.
2. Most people watch without sound on Facebook – something to consider when you’re telling stories.
3. Best times to post are generally 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. before work, noon, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. right after the work day ends. Monday through Wednesday are generally better days to post.
4. Don’t forget to check in on your free analytics on your accounts to check when your audience is engaged.
5. A good way to learn is to check out DIY YouTube tutorials for most viewed – and easy and affordable way to keep up to date.

Suggested video apps and tools:

Samsung Video Editor
PowerDirector Video Editing App
CameraFi Live
OBS Remote
Adobe Premiere Clip

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