When incorporating video into your marketing strategy or if you’re using video to help your sales process, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you have a successful video shoot. Besides availing yourself by hiring a professional video marketing agency to help with the ideation, creativity, planning, production and distribution, you should use these tips to get started on the right track.

Video Production Begin’s with a Plan

For a video shoot to be successful, you need to plan everything in advance. Leaving things till the last minute can lead to unexpected delays and a finished piece that looks rushed and unprofessional. Unlike still photographs, a video will pick up a myriad of details, including various facial expressions, tone of voice and unexpected movements in the background. Know what you want to achieve with the video and start planning.

Write everything down in detail. Know when you want people to enter a shot and when you want to pan away or change scenes. Script everything from the first shot to the last and keep detailed notes on takes. Print the script and make notes in the side margins. This will help the person editing the video to understand exactly where changes need to be made or mistakes corrected. Always make sure that your notes are easy to read and understand to avoid any confusion.

Proper planning is important when shooting any kind of video. If you are doing one for your business, the more planning you do, the more professional the resulting video will be. Don’t leave things to chance. Make sure everything is completed well before the video camera starts shooting.

A few of the most important things you will need are:

  • The right lighting
  • The right people in front of the camera
  • Select props that showcase the business
  • Complete control of the environment

Proper planning allows the video shoot to go smoothly. If you have planned carefully enough, you will be prepared for anything, including unexpected emergencies. The key to a successful shoot is to have everything and everyone in place and that each person knows what they are to do and when.

Video Must Carry The Right Message

For a video to be effective, it has to carry a message. Make you include scenes that stress the strong points and positive aspects of the company. With the use of key props, proper lighting and the right staff in key roles, you can put a persona to the business that a newspaper ad or billboard can’t. With proper tone and inflection, the narrator and staff who do the talking on the video will be able to add depth and character to the project. Choose three or four of the company’s strongest features and give them priority during filming.

Edit the piece carefully, removing any unnecessary footage. Every second counts when you only have a minute or so to send your message. During the filming, the notes placed in the margins of the script will provide the editors direction when it comes to specific details. As the film is being edited, it should be reviewed by the videographer and director to make sure the video has all of the elements and characteristics needed to be a success.

Here’s an example of a fun video that we produced for a client of ours in Atlanta, GA. When you put into practice the tips and advice in this article, you can see how successful a video production project can be!

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Photo Credit: @DCDAgency on Instagram