Producing video content is for your blog is much easier than you think. In this latest episode of Marketing Press TV, we explain how we create our videos and where they are broadcasted.

We don’t do anything fancy. For the sake of velocity, we switched from a high production to a DIY video concept. This allows us to be more nimble, and better expresses who we are as a company. All videos are shot with an iPhone 6, on a $20 iPhone tripod. Usually, it’s one or two rolling takes, and that’s all for shooting. Really that’s it.

Video Tip:
When shooting video with your phone always shoot horizontally (landscape.) Video: iPhone Video PSA

Once the video is produced, we Airdrop the video from the phone to the computer and get it ready for production. We created a quick template in iMovie where we drop the video in, trim the starting and end and export. I told you it was easy.

Broadcast and Syndication

This one video gets posted multiple places. We learned this from Jay Baer, and rather than re-hash it read Jay’s article about how Convince and Convert are able to produce 8 Pieces of content with 1 piece of content. (This article is an excellent resource.)

Once the video is done and ready to publish we post the video to YouTube, Vimeo, write a blog post and embed the YouTube link, plus send the file to Podbean, so it gets syndicated to iTunes.

And there you have it…that’s how we produce content for Marketing Press TV.

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