The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is true, a picture provides an additional “sense” of the story, adding context to help our understanding of an event or situation. We all know what it is like to read the answers to a survey or a transcript of an interview. Sure, there is a lot of information but it does not have depth? We often look to focus groups to round out the information and get a deeper understanding of the responses and to visually see the customers’ reactions.

First-Hand Customer Experience Videos

However, in these days of deeper corporate cost cutting, the focus group represents an expensive and time-consuming venture. Now, just imagine, having your employees and customers sending you videos, actually showing you their experience, real-time, so you can view things through their lenses. A video shows action, expression, emotions, captures sound and voices – details that can reveal much more about what is happening at any given moment than mere words, or pictures of a single moment in time.

That is why when we began designing our customer journey mapping software we decided to push our development team to do something quite different. Rather than produce another online tool for journey mapping, we asked them to do more than that – to develop a journey mapping platform that made it easy for frontline employees and customers to capture their real life experiences through videos and photos of what was really occurring at touchpoints across the journey and send them to our clients in real time. Companies see and hear the experiences in the moment, allowing clients to address issues faster and with a deeper understanding of the actual core problem.

The result has been nothing short of spectacular. Our clients are learning more about the details of what happens during the experience they deliver; uncovering a deeper understanding of ways to exceed customer expectations that create significant competitive advantage.

What’s a video worth? I would suggest it is Priceless!