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10 Tips to Work Effectively with Your Video Agency

A successful brand video benefits both your brand and your video agency. It’s a powerful medium, but it also…

Katy French
November 11, 2021
Video Marketing

7 Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Know

Video marketing campaigns have been buzzing all over social media platforms. This marketing strategy conveys product messages that people…

Debra Murphy
November 5, 2021
Video Marketing

Stand Out for the Holidays with Video: Tips to Ramp Up 2021 Holiday Brand Awareness

The holiday season is the single biggest revenue generator for brands every year. Starting from October up until December,…

Slye Joy Serrano
October 25, 2021
Video Marketing

Social Commerce for the 2021 Holidays: How to Drive Growth with Video Ads

Studies show that 1 in 10 purchases are now made on social media, a clear indication that new digital…

Slye Joy Serrano
October 8, 2021
Video Marketing

Top 5 Secrets of Video Marketing to Grow Your Biz

Little shocked? How can video marketing let you grow that too for biz? This little trick has a zillion…

Dinesh Agarwal
September 19, 2021
Video Marketing

Use These 4 Video Editing Tools to Make Your Mobile Marketing Stand Out

Today I have some resources to help you improve your video marketing strategy on mobile with simple to use…

Susan Gilbert
September 14, 2021
Video Marketing

7 Types of Marketing Videos Your Website Visitors Will Love

Having a visually stunning and highly informative webpage is a crucial tool for any business online that wants to…

Victor Blasco
September 14, 2021
Video Marketing

No More Excuses — You Need to Add Captions to Your Videos

It’s 7:30 in the morning. I’m scrolling through my phone, waiting for my eyes to focus and my brain…

Ash Larizza
September 10, 2021
Video Marketing

Finding the Right Voiceover For Your Video

Certain inflections and distinct vocal traits can make a person’s voice recognisable in an instant. Large corporations have often…

Neil Wood-Mitchell
September 7, 2021
Video Marketing

3 Powerful Ways to Nurture Consumer Trust in Your eCommerce Company Using Video

Online sales have become the easiest and most practical way to do business in our interconnected digital world. But…

Victor Blasco
September 2, 2021
Video Marketing

2021 Survey Reveals How Marketers Take Advantage of Video

Whether you are a small-town mom-and-pop business or a global conglomerate, you cannot deny the value of video content…

Osama Khabab
August 17, 2021
Video Marketing

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