We all know that 2015 is digital video’s time in the sun. Media buyers are getting savvy to the value of digital video content. But advertisers and media buyers need to educate themselves on two key issues: the differences between premium and non-premium video content and the importance of video viewability.

As the digital video market matures, it’s also fragmenting. Naturally, it’s the premium video content that will surge to the forefront and attract premium CPMs. Media buyers need to do their homework and clearly understand how digital video advertising works and what they are buying. An uproar ensued recently when CNN reported that ads for major American brands were automatically being inserted before ISIS propaganda videos on YouTube. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that ISIS propaganda is likely not the content a brand wants to be associated with. Certainly, it is not, by any industry standard, premium content.

There is a limited supply of brand-safe premium video content. One safe content bet (and, in the interest of full disclosure, this is the industry I operate in) is sports highlights video. NFL, MLB and NASCAR highlights all make for great premium content. But buyers still need to be wary. I recommend media buyers demand official certification from the leagues when buying sports video content. Otherwise, they might be paying for video of talking heads merely talking about major sports highlights…which, again, is not premium content. Buyers should demand the official highlights themselves. If a seller can’t provide certification, it’s a red flag. There is typically only one official rights holder/licensee of such premium content.

In addition, quality, high-definition video production is of utmost importance. These days, video viewability is a big topic of discussion in the video landscape. The definition of acceptable viewability standards remains a moving target, ranging from all pixels in view, sound on, for 50% of duration of the video, to absolute 100% viewability. My company, SendtoNews, has been preaching the value of quality video content for the past two years, and I believe both publishers and buyers are getting the message. The data speaks for itself. We saw almost 1700% growth in views over last year. Initial clients that came on board with a mere 100,000 views per month are now doing north of 25 million per month and still growing rapidly.

Bottom line, let premium content and viewability be your guideposts when buying digital video. Align your brand with quality to attract the clicks numbers you want from the audience you want.