How to measure the success of your Video or Animation

As with any marketing activity, it’s important to measure the results of your project. This allows you to understand what content ‘works’ and what platforms or channels are the most effective, helping you focus more time and attention in the right places.

If using a professional online video platform, you should watch for spikes in views. Increases in viewing activity will correlate to the various promotional activities that you deploy.

Standard video measuring metrics

  1. Number of views
    Views will always be important. YouTube and other online video platforms will rank your video (in part), reflected by how many views it receives. However, if people are turning off quickly, this metric will also be noted. Aim for quality over quantity every time.
  2. Number of embeds
    One of best ways to reach new audiences and extend your videos reach is through ‘embeds’. Other businesses, organisations and individuals embedding your video within their blog or page, will increase views and, if streaming from your site, tell Google that your site is an ‘authority’ on it’s subject.
  3. Number of social shares
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other major video sharing sites encourage users to ‘share’ content throughout its network. This keeps audiences on their platform and increases viewer pleasure; also resulting in your video being watched by a larger audience.

Standard webpage measuring metrics
There are countless metrics and free tools available for measuring the popularity of your website or specific web page; you are ultimately seeking to keep viewers on your website as long as possible.
Maintaining viewers interest (increasing ‘dwell time’) can be greatly increased through the use of engaging, high-quality video content, on your pages. Information about your product or service, in the form of animation or video, relevant to your audiences’ search, will help them make a decision about whether your business or organisation is one they would like to contact or buy from.

Most importantly, ensure you choose a professional content production company who is able to offer ongoing assistance. It’s essential that your video project, whether it’s training or promotional, is given the appropriate level of support required to achieve your objectives. Deployed effectively, Digital Video and Animation will deliver returns on your investment. Partnering a professional company, with the capacity to offer Digital Marketing advice, will both help you develop a successful strategy and measure the performance of your campaigns.