Video Marketing Packages Available for Small Businesses

Businesses today have to find creative ways to advertise, and it stands to reason that business advertising would follow the most popular trends. With technology advancing everyday, video marketing has become one to the preferred methods of advertising. It is estimated that 100 million consumers watch online videos everyday and 90% of them state that a video describing a product or service is helpful in making a decision.

There are several benefits to using video marketing to promote your products and services.

Videos are easily accessible to consumers and with the aid of social media, a well made video can be shared millions of times and viewed by consumers worldwide. Using video to market your business can increase your sales dramatically in a short amount of time.

However, there are guidelines to follow in order to create a great video for your business.

Content is the most important aspect of making a video; it may take some time and many revisions to create the perfect content – so don’t rush it! Show your video to several different people in your office, get their input on the material, and make changes if necessary. Capturing the attention of viewers is important, and a video that is colorful and entertaining but that also educates the viewer will stand out and be shared not only on PC’s but also tablets and smartphones. Even televisions today have internet connections that viewers can use to search for videos.

Since it can be challenging to craft great content and find someone in your office with the technical knowledge to make your video a reality, hiring a marketing company to create your videos is recommended. Here at Imageworks Creative, we have the knowledge and experience to create one-of-a-kind videos that will entertain and inform viewers as well as increase your sales.

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