Almost every event you will plan to attend in 2016 will have a hashtag attached to it, along with requests to tweet and post with that hashtag and tag specific users. If it seems like everyone’s doing it, it’s because they are.

Social media posting is an accepted part of the live experience for sporting events, festivals, fundraisers, conferences, launches, premieres and even your cousin’s wedding.

Participants come to events armed with cell phones with megapixel cameras and 4D video capability. They carry spare battery packs and they are enthusiastic about event hashtags. They are ready, willing and able to serve as event partners – creating content around the event, and contributing to the group experience. Social sharing at live events is an accepted part of how we live our lives, tell our stories and bond with our peers. It isn’t only influencers and marketers posting stories. It’s almost everyone. If you aren’t watching the posts come in, you’re probably missing half the action.

So who’s watching that stream when it happens live?

Ideally, event social media is being streamed and shown to the the people to whom the content matters the most: the participants.

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Generally speaking, it’s the people at the party who get the biggest thrill from sharing and seeing their own and each other’s posts. This is why event photo booths are popular and why years later, we still like looking at high school yearbook photos and remember that surge of pride you we felt about being named “Most Popular” or “Best Dressed.” Shared images are a vital part of the shared social experience, and one that has a lasting impact.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged, in the moment. The same applies to social media. There’s no greater incentive to tweet than seeing your posts go live, and large – to a real life audience who gives your hearts and echoes your sentiment.

Live streaming social media at events can double or triple live event engagement. The more participation, the greater the chances of reaching a large audience of friends and followers, inviting them to be a part of the experience as well. Streaming walls actually free up more time for face to face engagement, as well, making the feed easy to follow and freeing people from the tedious task of checking the feed on their tiny handheld devices.

More organic social media event participation leads to bigger buzz, more sharing and greater exposure for brands, sponsors and participants.

The benefits of social streaming walls at events are not just psychological. Data driven streaming social walls open up unique event opportunities to create custom social media shows that include:

  • Live voting contests and giveaways
  • The ability to highlight specific participants and partner content
  • The chance to reward participants with “Top Poster” badging and shout outs that incentivize and increase event engagement.
  • The opportunity for event organizers to further monetize their events with advertising and messaging opportunities that can be integrated into the show.

There are many streaming wall vendors on the market, today. In order to maximize your efforts, it’s critical to choose one that can provide you with the live data analysis and event moderation you need to make your event an interactive success. Hashtracking is now offering live streaming walls that can be fully personalized into moderated live streaming social shows. These full featured social media showcases are backed by real-time data tracking and analytics. Customers will also benefit from detailed hashtag reporting after the event.

For brands, sponsors and event planners who are relying on their event having social impact, including a social streaming wall can make a huge difference in the overall engagement, reach and impressions. This translates to a better bottom line. So why not consider streaming your next event live?