Are you leveraging your video analytics in your video marketing campaigns?

When we talk about search analytics, we are mostly talking about Google. But analytics – like the rest of the internet – are constantly evolving…

YouTube was once the playground of fame seekers looking to earn their 15 minutes through 15 seconds of acting ridiculous. (OK, let’s face it: It still kind of is that place.) However, as the site has grown, businesses have identified it as a powerful platform for reaching customers.

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine available. In addition, videos have been prioritized in Google search thanks to some algorithm updates that were made a few years ago. That means that hosting videos on YouTube can have the twice the impact on your marketing campaign.

You need to monitor your performance on YouTube just as closely as you would in Google so that you can see how effective your marketing campaign is and whether you need to make any tweaks. The best way to do that is with your analytics, which are divided into watch time reports and engagement reports.

Here’s what you need to pay close attention to in your video analytics:

Minutes Watched

You will get two pieces of information from your analytics: The number of minutes watched and the average view duration.

Minutes watched can help you understand the general popularity of your channel, but it won’t tell you much else. You don’t know how many videos were watched in that amount of time.

Just like with your site, you want people to spend more time with your content. That means that you want to pay special attention to the average view duration, which will tell you how much each visitor is watching. The longer your visitors are watching your videos, the more engaged they are and the more effective you can assume your videos to be.

Number of Subscribers

Video subscriptions are like email subscriptions. They are a powerful tool for lead generation.

You may not be able to contact those video subscribers individually, the way you would with an email list, but you can be sure that they are seeing your newest video when it is released. Your new videos will appear in their news feed, and your subscribers will get an email notification that the video is available.

You can include direct sales pitches in your videos, or you can include captions on the videos or links in the video descriptions. Just make sure that you are maintaining the right balance of entertaining or informing your customers with trying to sell to them.


Shares are a great indicator of customer engagement.

Shares show that your watchers are so impressed or so otherwise moved by your videos that they want to tell other people about them. You know that you are doing something right when your videos are getting a lot of shares.

Shares also help expose your brand to new audiences without you having to spend any extra time or money. Your customers are essentially becoming free brand ambassadors by sharing your videos, and you are getting a lot more bang for your ad dollars.

Playback Locations

Playback locations are like incoming links. They show you where your videos are being shared and where your brand is getting exposure.

By checking out the playback locations, you can also learn what customers are saying about your videos and your brand. You can glean insights that can help you improve your videos, your marketing campaign, your products, and more. That’s the kind of feedback that you can’t buy.


Demographics let you know what kind of customers are responding to your videos.

You will learn the gender of your watchers, the age range, and the location. This is invaluable information that will let you know who is engaging with your videos and whether you need to make any changes.

For example, if you are promoting your product to men, but you find that mostly women are watching your videos, you will need to make some changes. It may be that you need to change something in the videos that makes them more appealing to men or that you need to change something in the way you market the videos. Alternatively, you may find that you have an untapped market for your product in women thanks to this information.

Pay close attention to how users are engaging with your videos based on their demographics, such as how long they are spending on the site and how many videos they are watching.

Video analytics can help you guide your video creation and marketing so that you get more engagement for your brand, which will encourage customer loyalty. A strong video presence can help you boost your search rankings, increase visitors for your site, and increase your revenue. You should treat your video presence as seriously as you treat your website and your overall digital marketing campaign.