4 Video Marketing Tools to Improve Content Without Breaking the Budget

Improve Your Content With These 4 Video Marketing Tools

Visual content is quickly becoming the new way of consuming information, and is becoming a large component to building visibility for your brand. In order to produce high-quality, professional videos you just need to know how to tap into the right resources without breaking the budget. Would you like to up your game on visual marketing for 2018? Take advantage of these tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Power up your video hosting – Wistia

Would you like to know how your video content is performing? Wistia provides analytics and heat maps of what viewers are watching and how they are viewing your videos. Enhance your SEO strategy with flexible APIs and reliable data so you can measure your results. You can even secure your videos on their private server with added password protection, gating, and domain restriction.

2) Animation made simple – PowToon

Create fun animated videos that really attract an audience. PowToon allows for more creativity on product presentations, and videos. Choose from their professional and personal categories with drag and drop templates that can be designed and scripted in just minutes.

3) Engage your community with video – Showbox

Storytelling through visual content can be done through your own audience. Showbox allows your loyal followers to create their own videos without having to know anything about technology or design. This is a great way to create brand ambassadors using their own videos about your business. You have access to all of the content, which includes analytics and message consistency.

4) Improve the look of your videos – Videohance

Add your own creativity to your company videos. Videohance for iOS is a premium editing app that helps you to make adjustments in real-time with authentic textures that can even produce a vintage look. Access controls such as contrast, white balance and more.

Hopefully you will find these video resources useful to your marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?