You’ve heard about the term “viral video.” These videos are spread super fast all over the world. There have been cases when one video was seen by millions of people in less than 24 hours (which is pretty darn crazy when you think about it). This is something that can be achieved only by video as a medium. The same goes for video marketing. This is the type of marketing that can help any business spread their message and display brand personality in a quick way and encourage interaction between viewers. If we take a look at the latest innovations in the field of technology, like the growing number of projects related to wearable technology (especially smart glasses), we can tell that the importance of videos in the future will be even greater. But, let’s stick to the presence now. The importance of video marketing as part of a general marketing strategy can be observed from many aspects and we will mention the coolest and most important ones.

The popularity behind video marketing can be easily explained if we take a look at some statistical numbers. Numerous studies have confirmed that about 75 percent of people watch videos on the Internet on a weekly basis while more than half of them are watching videos on a daily basis. If we know that there are more than 1 billion active Internet users, we can see the true potential of video marketing. What is even more interesting is that these numbers will grow in the next years. The amount of time spent on watching videos is getting close to that spent on browsing and checking and reading emails. A professionally designed video can let any business express their message in a much shorter period of time. Instead of reading few pages about some product or service, potential clients and customers will be much more interested to watch and listen about that.

Another neat thing is that videos help boost your SEO. By publishing videos, website owners are allowing people to share their video content and directly create backlinks that are registered by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Every SEO expert knows that a good link building strategy provides fast results and dramatic increase in the search result ranking. The best way to use this strategy is to include your video content on social media profiles where people tend to share content faster.

Video marketing is also important for the number of returning visitors and bounce rate, because people who find interesting video content on a website are amped to visit that website again, and on top of that they stay about two minutes longer if there is video content present on the website. We’ve all been there – you intend on watching one video and then all of a sudden it’s three hours later and you’re still watching because you needed to see more. It’s like that, but instead of watching hilarious cat videos, people are watching cool video about your brand.

As we mentioned before, the power of social media and the role of video marketing in it should not be underestimated. Thousands of videos are shared every day on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social networks on the internet. This is the best way to create a viral video marketing campaign too.

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