Laptop mit Film

With all the marketing noise out there it is not surprising that CFO’s and CMO’s are trying to make sure that the money spent on any marketing is getting results. There is a lot of buzz about online video and that is because studies show that they get results.

Marketing Profs say that 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. According to Forrester video in an email increases click through rates by 200-300 percent. Sixty-four percent of customers are more likely t buy a product after watching a video about it – comScore

However, getting traction via video marketing is only the case if the videos are done right and executed correctly. How do you make sure that your videos are getting you the best bang for your buck?

Make sure your video is relevant.

This means making a video that addresses something that actually has something to say to a relevant audience. If you are marketing to attorneys putting things in your video about how you did a great campaign for a national nut and snack manufacturer is not going to get the same results as if you made a video that addresses something that a law firm would deem necessary.

Do your research

Due Diligence. This is absolutely necessary if you want to provide people with the information they are looking for. Make sure your keywords are correct and searchable. Make something that people you are targeting want to find. See if there is a gap in the knowledge market relating to the subject or market you want to target and make a video that answers the questions asked out there.

Microtarget your audience

Make sure that you segment your audience and use specific videos that are targeted at the segments. For instance, if you are looking at attorneys there are different types of practices and firms. Criminal law practices are different from firms that deal with contract law. If you are looking at getting clients like attorneys who deal with large financial cases they are not going to care about your video about how you helped a small firm in Wisconsin help farmers deal with a government issue and settlement or a motorcycle injury claim or how you helped a dentist get better Google visibility.

Make it useful

Your video should be useful to the folks you are targeting. Help them and expect nothing in return and you will get business. Putting out a helpful video that does good things in the area you are targeting will generate results simply by the virtue of it being shared within a certain demographic or target market.

If you follow these simple steps you will cut through the clutter and noise out there and bring in solid leads and conversions.