Canva is an easy and free tool to help you make professional branded graphics for your social media platforms, website, blog, presentations, printed items and more. If you’re a social media marketer responsible for making your own graphics and you don’t have a lot of design experience, you’ll find this tool invaluable. While there are lots of ways to use Canva, I’ll show you specifically here how to make an animated end graphic for your video marketing.

This was made in Canva!

Steps to making an animated video in Canva

  1. Go to and choose a design. Start from scratch, or choose from the many templates available. If you’re choosing a design for a specific platform, like Instagram, Canva keeps track of the social media image sizes for you! In this example, I’m using an Instagram Reel sized end graphic with a blank canvas.
  2. Decide on your message, which could be your tagline, a sale, a product promotion or anything you desire!
  3. Duplicate your design as many times as you need, adding the text and graphics you want to appear in order to each slide. On the final slide be sure to add your logo, website address and a call to action (CTA.) In this example, each slide has one word of my tagline, with design applied to the letters, and the final slide has my business name, website, logo and another tagline.
  4. Choose Animate. Decide on the style of animation you want. Are the words rolling in from the bottom like this or is the animation some other type? Canva has several options, so experiment with them before you decide.
  5. Now select the timing for that animation on each slide. In this example, I used 1.5 seconds for the slides with my tagline and 3 seconds for the final slide.
  6. Play your video in Canva and make any adjustments you need.
  7. Download your video as an mp4 or a gif and you’re ready to go!

Watch this video to see how it’s done.

Do you use Canva for your business? Let me know how in the comments!