If you run an online business, you know how important each and every sale is. What’s even more important is how you market your products to your audience so that they’re enticed to make a purchase and remain loyal customers. A great way to do this is through video marketing.

Google reports that nearly 50 percent of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. That means that half of your target market actively search for video content in order to make an informed decision about your brand before they purchase, so if it doesn’t exist, you’re more than likely missing out on an opportunity to grow your customer base.

Let’s look at a few different ways you can boost your ecommerce sales using video marketing.

Use them as product demos

Ecommerce websites usually feature photos to display their products so that users, especially new users, can get a closer, clearer look at them. It helps customers decipher whether or not those products are right for them so they feel more confident about their buying decisions. The more information people have before they buy, the less likely they are to return that product and require a refund, which saves your business money and helps retain customers.

Use videos to demonstrate your products on your website so users can get up close, in-depth information alongside photos and detailed written information. All of these elements put together will bring new visitors closer to buying from your store.

Certain products sold through Amazon feature video as a way to inform their customers and help them make an informed buying decision:

Feature customer testimonials

It’s essential when marketing your products that you make customers understand why they should buy from you and not another brand. You want to be able to demonstrate that your business offers them value that’s better than your competitors, and a great way to do so is by incorporating social proof, specifically customer reviews.

It can get boring to sift through written testimonials given by customers and clients. New users want affirmation that your brand is credible and worth investing in, but that doesn’t mean the information they get has to be in one form. Rather, you can turn the testimonials of happy customers into videos that are captivating to watch and interest your viewers.

ChowNow has a page specifically for customer testimonials in which they display videos of people who are happy with their brand:


You can also encourage your customers to submit videos of reviews of your products if they’re willing to do it. Most of the time, this is done without any incentive except that customers want to express their happiness with your products.

Create video tutorials

If users are new to a product, they’re going to want to assess its practicality and functionality so they know it’s something that works and they’ll actually use. As potential customers move further down the conversion funnel, they’ll be looking more at the research behind the product and how useful it would be in their lives. At this stage, it’s important that you’re able to provide them with the information they need in order to make a purchase they feel confident about.

Apple always makes sure to use video to demonstrate its latest iPhone models, how they work, and all the different ways you can use them:

Doing so eliminates confusion and makes potential customers feel reassured about their decision to buy, especially when that product is pricey and requires more thought. Relieving people of their doubts when they’re already so close to a sale is what video is good at doing because it offers an in-depth look at your products and eases your audience’s doubts. From here, they can move all the way down the sales funnel and become return visitors.


Implementing video marketing into your conversion strategy will do wonders for your business as well as the customer experience. Users, especially when new to your brand, are always looking for more information on products and will be thrilled to see they have options when it comes to learning more. When your mission to inform your audience about your products so they can make the right decision for them, you’ll start to see your customer base grow because you’re putting extra effort into giving them detailed information. How will you use video to market to your target audience?