“Hollywood” Meets SEO: Mastering the Art of Video MarketingIt’s been argued that videos aren’t very successful at attracting business. However, if you’re interested in getting behind the camera again, now is the time to do so, as online business has now opened up new outlets to venture into the world of video production.

Here are a few reasons why online video marketing can now benefit your business:

1.  Reach

When people open a YouTube video or check the news on their “iPhone,” there’s a good chance their content will be preceded by a video advertisement. These ads are a part of online business and an example of why digital marketing has become an accessible option. There’s no reason why your business can’t engage in this form of advertising as well.

2.  Advancements

If you’ve been keeping up with video SEM, you know the field has undergone developments. For instance, popular mobile video ad company AdColony was recently acquired by media giant Opera for its subsidiary, Opera Mediaworks. In addition, Google has bought mDialog, a large video ad firm from California. These large-scale deals mean that there is a renewed interest in business video production, which will likely lead to more outlets for online businesses to create and display their ads.

3.  You Don’t Need Much

Production of online videos has also become more simplified, to the point that you can create and edit one on a laptop or iPhone. A good-looking video no longer requires a large, expensive camera; you just need some proper lighting, a decent recording device, and a means of uploading it. And if you can add cool visual effects, go ahead, but don’t go nuts trying to make a short marketing video look like a Hollywood blockbuster.

4.  Transferable Skills

If you’re good at writing online ad material or search engine marketing content, use those skills for your video production. You will likely know what language to use and how to create a script for what you want to say.

5.  Optimization

Speaking of search engine marketing, don’t forget that once you upload a video, you can optimize it with keywords and phrases. Video SEO is often neglected, thus failing to attract organic traffic. Your videos represent your business, so if you want them to be their best, optimize them.

This article “Hollywood” Meets SEO: Mastering the Art of Video Marketing was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.