Earlier this week, we showed you easy ways food brands can use snackable videos, in their influencer marketing. Today, we’ll cover ways brands can work with influencers to create holiday video marketing that drives sales this holiday season. Video generates 1,200 percent more shares than images and text, and influencers help brands rapidly create engaging, authentic video.

Holiday Video Marketing: Extend the Experience

Don’t let your engagement with consumers stop when the video ends. Keep the momentum going, by extending their experience, with these easy tips:

  • Create a blog post detailing all of the steps shown in the video. For example, food brands can post the full recipe from their holiday video marketing, listing ingredients, measurements, cook times and tips.
  • Ask viewers to tag you in a photo of their attempt at recreating the video. This works great for recipes ,as well as craft and DIY projects.
  • Ask viewers to comment on what videos they want to see next. This will help spark more influencer marketing ideas for upcoming holidays.
  • Upload or link to a coupon to purchase items used in your video, driving in-store and online sales.

Holiday Video Marketing: Favor Facebook Live

Waiting to get started with Facebook Live? Don’t! Consumers spend three times as long watching Facebook Live videos as they do regular videos. The engagement doesn’t stop with watch times. Viewers also comment 10X more on Facebook Live videos. Look at influencer marketing as an opportunity for your brand to reap the benefits of live video, without having to be an expert in this emerging trend.

Holiday Video Marketing: Get a Jump Start

You do not need to have a holiday video marketing plan already in place to get started this holiday season. Recipes are not the only type of content that make great snackable videos. Below are other tutorial ideas for your holiday video marketing that are natural fits with this medium—and with influencers:

  • Seasonal crafts for kids
  • Holiday season do-it-yourself home décor projects
  • Holiday party cocktail recipes and presentation
  • Winter home and auto repair and handyman tutorials (Ex: How to change your wiper blades)