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Many B2B technology brands today are not taking advantage of video content that can be reshared across social media platforms. Most videos are demos, training videos, interviews with executives at conferences, and other reels which are relevant to a company throughout its lifecycle.

The challenge I’m finding is that brands aren’t recycling those videos and re-using them as part of new marketing efforts. What does a B2B technology brand do to make that change?

This is a common issue across technology sectors. Case in point, last Fall Amazon hosted its Amazon Web Services Conference. A ton of videos came out of the conference. Yet, as fast as technology changes, so may the relevancy of the information shot. Worse, if companies made announcements at the conference, the videos may not be newsworthy post event.

Here are some ideas on how to leverage those videos for remarketing on social media.

Build Playlists

Make a list of playlists where you can house like videos. When sharing on social, you may be speaking to a development community and want to share more than just the latest video. You may have created a series of videos on one development topic and want to share that series with a specific audience. Another idea is to create a list of technology partners or vendors who have shared their thoughts about your company and/or software on video. Those videos can be combined too for benefit of a tight community.

Optimize Content

You may have done this already, but if not go back to your videos, one by one, and double check that the titles of the videos and the content are in sync. If you produced a video about VMWare at AWS, the title, content, tags all have to be consistent. Don’t forget, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. And, search has gotten smarter. Google (YouTube’s parent company) is reading what you titled and described your videos and listening to the content. If it all matches, theres a better chance that its relevancy will help the video(s) reappear after a user watches like content. Bingo!

Reshare Videos from Influencers

Experience has shown that influencers like it when their content is shared and reshared. And, they reshare it too. If you’re lucky enough to have video with an influencer that has posted your video onto Twitter, you can share that content multiple times, with various copy, on Twitter throughout a stretched time period of one day, one week or longer, depending upon the content. Often the influencer will reshare the content too – probably not as many times as you will, but enough to generate more interest in your video.

Focus on Hashtags

Don’t forget the hashtags. And, not just the broad based obvious ones either such as the name of the conference. Do your research. Watch your videos over and over to pull out what might be of most interest to your audience(s) and search on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the most popular hashtags to use when posting your videos or ask your resident experts. There are hashtags for sectors, companies, specific developer community groups, and more! Don’t limit yourself by thinking that a hashtag doesn’t exist before you search for it on social.

Share on Sendible

Use social media sharing tools such as Sendible to auto repost evergreen content such as demo or training videos that may not get old. Keep track of what you put on auto post though, in case you update your company software and created a new video. You don’t want the old video in circulation competing for eyeballs when you have an update. You could auto post more brand specific content that shares overall vision / mission messages too that will never get old.

Embed in Current Blog Posts

Google loves it when marketers couple together related content. We see this on blog posts all of the time. A blog post is talking about one subject and it links back to an older blog post to make a point or reference and together those links improve the value of the current blog and add to the SEO. The days of being literal for Google’s sake are gone. More nature language is appreciated and rewarded as the search engine will rank more relevant content higher in search engine results. So why not take a previously shot video from last year’s conference and place it in this year’s blog post. You can do a recap reel too.

All in all, don’t waste the time, cost, and effort of creating video content if you haven’t also thought through how to stretch its social value. On social, some critical benefits of resharing content include increasing engagement because comments on videos count as well as helping attract more interest in your videos being watched more and longer. But, don’t try to game the system. Again, make sure that all of your content is relevant to your audiences and not spamming just to get more attention.