Go ahead. Try and tell me this 2:49 piece isn’t a Brainy Video:
(Sorry about the commercial they put in at the beginning. Just wait. It’s worth it!)

Movies are meant to put you into a kind of dream state. You sit in a darkened theatre by yourself (even if you are with someone) and surrender your thoughts and feelings to whatever is happening on the screen in front of you. And for the next two hours you absorb the message of that filmmaker. Sometimes you even change your beliefs as a result of being in that passive state of receptivity.

The potential danger is that this is all happening without your conscious involvement. It’s literally going on while your psyche is asleep.

Genre-bending works (when it’s done with care) because it throws the dream into relief. It rouses you from sleep. It shows you exactly where your mind has been taken captive and made to serve an agenda that isn’t necessarily in your best interest. And because it does so with good humor, the lesson goes down easy.

Call it Revelation Lite.

There are all kinds of genres to play with. There’s the spy movie, the western, the thriller, the crime caper, sci-fi, horror, documentary, romantic comedy, war, cops, musicals, adventure, historical epic and action film.

And they need not be complicated to create. A costume and a good script can go a long way toward getting your message across.

What genre could you bend to turn a simple story into a sales video that keeps your audience awake and interested?