Human beings are more attracted towards visual content over the written words. It is the brain’s natural reaction as the visual medium is much easier to process. In the recent years the world of marketing has figured out how to make use of this cognitive process to advertise which has given rise to the flood of video advertisements. Psychology Today says that 39% of the consumers are more likely to share a piece of content if it’s delivered to them in the form of video. Not only that, 36% of them might even comment and whopping 56% of them have a chance of giving it a ‘like’. Therefore, it is unanimously agreed that a video has a higher chance of reaching out to people over a simple text ad.

Are you looking to generate more leads with your marketing? Video is the way to go. If you want your business to attract quality leads, it is time to make yourself a video now! Here are some of the things you can do to attract leads using your video advertisement.

Make the right video

The first and the most important thing about a video campaign is creating the right video. To make an effective video you need to consider a number of things.

  • Type

Firstly, choose the type of video you want to make. There can be a number of different approaches to video marketing. You can make an advertisement video, presenting your products or services. This is the most popular form of video. It is direct, potent and has generally exhibited good results. The other common type of advertisement is through a story or a scenario played out by actors, which is a slightly less direct but quite effective a way to go about your campaign. You can also opt for a documentary style where you give your viewers an inside glimpse into your company or organization with a more subtle reference to your work. It is also very popular these days to make a video of testimonials. Instead of a blatant advertisement, these advertise your work through customer reviews

  • Time

It is important to keep the length of the video short and crisp. A longer video needs a bigger budget. Moreover, if you opt for paid ads, certain media charge you per minute which would make it pretty expensive. But most importantly, people tend to lose focus, usually after around 3-4 minutes hence it is a good idea to keep it short. But if it is too short, it will not leave a lasting impression on the viewers. However, if your content is gripping, people would be more inclined to watch, even if it is a tad longer.

  • Audience

Your target audience is what will determine the content of the video. In order to make an engaging video which has a widespread impact on the right kind people, you need to study and understand the likes, needs and desires of the target group. A number of factors like age group, educational qualification, occupation, social or financial class etc determine the kind of content that your video should present.

Email video campaign

Believe it or not, the trusty old email is still a pretty good way to rope in your customers. Embedding a video in your email campaign is a great way to increase your click through rates. Chances of people reading an entire text ad over email is much lower than their chance of opening and watching the complete video.

Social media video campaign

It is estimated that by 2018, the number of social media users around the world will be around at least 2.67 billion which was only around 1.91 billion in 2014. A number of new platforms with different kinds of target users have come up over the past years as well. If you can tap into the immense power of social media, you will be able to strike gold with your marketing campaign. Make a short but effective video and use social media to publish and share your video. It is important that you use as many forms of social media as possible like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Different social media platforms cater to different kinds of people and to reach out to as many as possible you need to have a strong hold on social media. It is also important to be active and regular for a successful marketing.


No word holds a greater charm to people than ‘FREE’! Since a video advertisements are raging all over, you can gather superior leads using your video by organizing a little giveaway along with your campaign. It does require a bit of effort and organized marketing campaign, but the popularity and the leads you will achieve are worth all the work. The biggest challenge in this step is to achieve a level of trust from your viewers. Since they are going to share some of their vital information with you like their address or personal number, they have to be able to trust that their information will be secure. To achieve that level of faith, it requires a basic reputation for fair and honest practices. Once they see that you are genuinely giving away a product or service as promised, people will be hooked to your online space for more such offers.

Redirect users to your content

It is excruciatingly difficult and yet crucial that you grab your viewers’ attention and then hold on to their attention. People tend to watch and forget as they move to another video. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep them directed towards your work. Before the video ends give them the option to be redirected towards another piece of your work, be it another video or your social media page. Do not simply leave your prospective customers to seek more information about you, but guide them to it.

Gate your video

Creating a simple form where your user enters his/her email address or fills up a short form to get access to your video is a great way to earn more leads. If you manage pique their interest with your excellent content your viewers would not think twice before filling up a short form to gain access.

Call to action

A call to action button is essential to subtly direct your potential customer towards the next step. Whether it is a simple liking and subscribing or a link to purchase your shop or services centre, it is important to have a clear CTA button so that your customer is not left wondering what to do next, after they have finished watching the video.

The best way to create a successful video campaign requires extensive study, research and a great deal of hard work. It is a smart idea to go for at least a basic training session, especially if it is your first attempt or if your previous attempts have not seen much success, to create effective video marketing campaigns. One of my friends Ted Thomas, an authority figure in tax lien certificates said, “Ever since I started my free video training series campaign, I have seen a record growth of 34% in my customer base over last year”. Take the leap today for unbeatable leads and business!