According to Finder, 26% of Brits plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown. Even tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have implemented remote working into their long term operations. It seems like working from home is here to stay.

I’m also among those that have swapped the office commute for the home office. Although now based in Manchester, the communication and collaboration between my team in Newcastle and our partners is as strong as ever; the pathways and technological systems established early on in the pandemic have not only been key in continuing to deliver top quality video content but they’ve improved the creative process as a whole.

Here’s 3 reasons why remote working leads to more effective communication:

Being Flexible

Whilst Manchester isn’t in a different time zone as Newcastle, our clients sometimes are. We’ve had a tremendous surge in commissioned international projects that require a high degree of time management, consideration, and responsiveness. Information lag can occur, which is even more pronounced when dealing with multiple time zones, therefore it’s important in these situations to be adaptable and flexible for clients. The time saved in commuting is now placed on your project; we don’t need to go into the office to iron out those quick amends as they can be conveniently solved remotely. By making ourselves available to clients, it demonstrates a willingness to be accommodating to changes and to maintain a seamless flow of communication.

Streamlining Processes

Over this past year, we’ve heavily invested in our digital infrastructure and streamlined the way footage is transferred from the camera operator to the video editor. Transferring during office hours is a thing of the past as a connection can be established in just a few clicks. Upgrading our systems has slashed lead times and fast-tracked the project’s completion since the time it takes for the video editor to start cutting has significantly reduced.

Additionally, knowing exactly how long a transfer will take means that other aspects of the project such as creation of graphics can be prioritised. The knock on effect is a more efficient cycle of edit, feedback, and sign off that enables deadlines to be reached sooner.

Making The Most Of A Meeting

The mass adoption of video conferencing has revolutionised the collaborative process as well as widened access for people’s involvement. Visual aids via presenting or sharing screens have further contributed to a more holistic discussion when concerning the desired outcome of a video. However with any conversation it’s easy to get swept up with ideas and take tangents, therefore a clear agenda is needed to set expectations for what the meeting will entail. For us, it’s essential to take detailed, thorough, and comprehensive notes during the meeting that can be relayed post-call.

We always follow up with a recap and a summary of the next steps. This demonstrates that we’ve listened to your needs and understood the trajectory of the project. By outlining precisely what we need from you and what we’re going to deliver, we establish a shared sense of accountability, trust, and transparency.