How to Design a Business Script That Turns Your Audience On

It’s kind of obvious. If your audience can connect with you they can listen to you. So it stands to reason you would want to give them every chance to do so in your videos. So this is all about how to design a business script that turns your audience on rather than off.

So why is it that most people try their very hardest to do the opposite? It’s kind of crazy. In the name of being “professional” they cut off the main advantage that live video gives them: the simple power to make a human connection.

Fortunately you aren’t most people. You’re a BrainyVideo-naut. You want to make every frame count. Excellent!

One great way of doing this is to control the tone of the script. When every word counts, this is a must.

But how do you do that? There are many little things you can do, but perhaps the most important is to make the script far more informal than you may think it should be.

In this video we’ll demonstrate the difference between a “well-done” script and one that can make a connection.

For such an “obvious” technique, the results can be startling…