Digital marketing has changed. Video has become more important than ever for marketing, engaging, and communication.

Now people don’t want to read big blocks of content— rather they want content in the form of videos.

According to a source, “86% of businesses use video as a powerful marketing tool, while 93% of marketers using video as a marketing tool agree that it is a crucial part of their marketing strategy.”

Enterprises nowadays are sharing short, interesting videos across social media platforms to develop a strong connection and engage the audience— thus boosting audience engagement rates. Videos can be anything— FAQs answered in video form, funny, quick product, service overviews, behind-the-scenes shots, etc.

Instead of simply scrolling through long text posts, videos are much easier to grab prospect’s attention and engage with your content like never before!

Videos help increase customer engagement, traffic, and sales, reduce support queries, and help users understand products and services better.

However, creating and editing videos is not simple!

Using a video editing app is important to create a winning video marketing strategy. Having a high-build quality camera on your smartphone isn’t enough— you need a reliable, efficient video editing solution to create excellent, attention-grabbing video content to boost your business.

There is a huge range of video software available— from super easy to Hollywood-level potent but choosing the right video editing solution for your enterprise can let you win the game.

But if you’re looking to take your video to the next big level, be it for personal or professional reasons, here are a few solutions for your video editing needs.

#1. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a perfect option for starting with basic editing functionality with a clean and minimal drag-and-drop interface to add effects, titles, music, etc. It lets you speed up or slow down the videos and add filters to make them more appealing. Filmora can create audience-ready videos for various platforms including YouTube and Instagram. Options to layer clips and sounds are available to create perfect timing with the keyframing feature of Filmora.

At times when you just want to edit a video with no fancy merging or borders, but want to bring your video to life, this is the option. Filmora is a handy app that lets you add music and filters, or speed up, trim your videos. It is a perfect and powerful option for both beginner as well as advanced video editors and is the best video solution for business. It has mosaic and power tool functionalities that allow blurring particular areas.

Platforms: Windows and Mac


  • Audio Equalizer
  • GIF support
  • Advanced text editing
  • Frame by frame preview
  • Chroma key backgrounds
  • Mosaic (Blurring)
  • Speed control
  • 4K Resolution Editing Support

Best for: Easy video editing with delightfully intuitive design to create amazing videos and storytelling.

#2. Quik

Quik is perfect for beginners or marketers who need to create and edit videos on the fly without knowing the advanced details that go into seamlessly edited and skillfully produced videos. The best part about Quik is its automatic feature which is like a magic wand— it scouts your video footage to get fantastic moments, automatically trim and edit your clips by adding beautiful transitions and effects. You can also manually edit your video clips. 20 different styles radically upgrade your video into a masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a video-editing app to create awesome videos extremely quickly, Quik is the one for you!

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS


  • Simple to use and intuitive app
  • Many themes, effects, and transitions
  • Adjust fonts, filters, and graphics
  • Add emojis, text overlays, and title slides

Best for: Quik is perfect for video creators and editors with minimal experience in video editing and looking for quick video edits.

#3. KineMaster

A super versatile video editing tool, KineMaster allows users to move up to professional features and edit videos on multiple layers. An unlimited number of images, text overlays, audio, and free handwriting can be added for more personal, artistic detail to meet the brand’s needs.

KineMaster allows double-exposure to personalize the background in different innovative ways. You can edit frame by frame to get the most detailed results. Though this video editing tool offers maximum power, its intuitive interface makes it easier and smoother to use. KineMaster aims to bring editing functionality similar to the desktop, and the results are quite amazing.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Chrome OS


  • Greater editing flexibility
  • Easy preview options
  • 8 different blending modes
  • Chroma key
  • Layer video with text, music, effects, and even handwriting

Best for: Easy to use and packed full of features makes it suitable for both beginners and expert video editors.

Create Videos Like A Pro with Video Editing Solution

Video marketing has immense benefits, and that’s why enterprises and small organizations should focus on creating videos using the right video editing tools. Videos with informative and great content where the audience can learn and connect can give your brand a competitive advantage.

Video storytelling is a powerful marketing tool. Luckily, you have the video editing tools to help you amuse your audience and boost conversion rates across social media platforms.

A video editing software outfits the gamut of a small business and enterprises seamlessly as it is timesaving, economical, and allows working remotely. Moreover, it also facilitates endless options to edit and upgrade the videos and make them more engaging.