Video has quickly become one of the most effective tools in a company’s marketing arsenal when it comes to customer engagement and increased visibility. But those companies that have never dabbled in video content may not know that creating impactful videos is as much about the quality of the video as it is about the power of the message. So, for companies just getting started with video, here are 10 essential tips.

For companies that have never made video content before, what’s one key tip they should know before they start? Why?

1. Just Get Started

Don’t wait for a studio and professional equipment. You can do video content with very little equipment today. The important part is your ability to provide and share your expertise. No one will pay attention to your fancy graphics if your content isn’t good. As you get more comfortable, you’ll improve all aspects, but getting started is the first step. – Maria Thimothy, OneIMS

2. Know the Goal of Each Video

Videos are an excellent way to grow your business exponentially. But before you start, it’s crucial that you know the goal of each video. For instance, do you want to educate your audience? Are you looking to get more event sign-ups? Determine your objective before you start, and you’ll have an easier time planning each video. – John Turner, SeedProd LLC

3. Consider Your Budget

If you’re about to make video content for your brand for the first time, it’s important to first consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend? What do you need to buy prior to starting video marketing? To make it easier, create a list of the items and equipment you need and calculate the costs. It’s crucial to stay within your budget so you don’t face debt or out-of-pocket expenses. – Jared Atchison, WPForms

4. Don’t Overthink the Quality

Do not overthink the quality of the video and spend a ton of money purchasing all the tools. People tend to like raw and vulnerable videos before a well-done and edited video. Just start with your phone and create a quick outline of what it is you will talk about. – Daniel Robbins, IBH Media, Bintana Sa Paraiso, His skincare

5. Have the Right Equipment

Before you make video content, make sure you have the right equipment and materials available. Without the proper equipment, the quality of your videos will suffer and it might be harder to build an audience. Consider light fixtures, cameras, backdrops and other things you’ll need before shooting video content. You don’t need to go all out at first, but make sure you have the essentials. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

6. Ensure Audio Quality

Audio quality is as important as video quality. If you have never done any form of video, it is easy to think that if it looks good, you’ll be just fine. The reality is, if viewers can’t hear what you’re saying or if the audio is scratchy or poor, they will move on. Do whatever you need to do to get your audio on par with your video. – Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy

7. Feature Real Employees or Customers

Instead of creating a blunt corporate video, using real faces can make it look more authentic. It’s a great way to grab people’s attention and convince them to take action on your site. People have the natural tendency to follow other’s actions. By seeing real faces buying your products and services, they might also decide to follow suit. – Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite

8. Display Your Brand Personality

If you want to thrive at video marketing, you need to put your brand personality on display. Don’t sit in front of the camera and talk like a robot. Get involved in what you’re saying. If you’re not excited, it’s doubtful that your audience will feel energized and inspired after watching one of your videos. – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

9. Be Patient and Consistent

Businesses that are just starting out with video marketing should be prepared to see some time pass before they get engagement or conversions (unless they somehow figure out the secret to viral content). You need to make a lot of content regularly before you get noticed by your audience. Then, you need to keep working at your videos to maintain your viewership. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

10. Create an Aesthetic From the Start

Create an aesthetic or brand “feel” right from the very beginning of your video marketing. This can be using a specific filter for your videos, working with a content template or using certain catchphrases. This makes your content more memorable and builds a brand image from the very beginning (something that many businesses only do later after trial and error). – Blair Williams, MemberPress