There are so many great places online to read up on creating your online promotional video, but since we’ve worked with so many businesses promoting themselves through video marketing, and seen hundreds of online promotional videos, we thought we’d weigh in with some extra tips that you may not have thought of yet.

Consider going animated

Animated videos are cheap to produce, look good and are an easy way to get your message across. Animated videos are a great idea for technology companies who want to keep their video professional, but might not be the perfect fit for a small B2C local enterprise. If you decide to go down the animated video route then take a look at our blog post here on 5 great tools for creating animated videos.

Great Online Marketing Video

Slow it down

You’ve already written the perfect script for your online promotional video (or if you’ve not then you need to read our post here) but one of the key execution tips we can give you is to slow your script right down. This is easier with an animated video, but if your video has a voice-over, or you are speaking directly on it, make sure the speech is very slow. Rushed, garbed speech results in nobody hearing what you have to say, which kind of defeats the purpose of a marketing video.

Keep the production super simple

If your video features you talking about your product or business, shoot it in one place. If your video is animated, use one program and don’t let the design distract from your message. Since you’re keeping your online marketing video as short as possible you simply don’t have the time to go crazy with fancy production effects or location changes. Keep it simple, let your message do the talking.

Show it to your test audience, and be prepared to make changes

As marketers you are used to testing, optimizing and testing again. The same goes for your video. After we’ve watched the same 30 second video clip one hundred times over we tend to miss flaws that a fresh set of eyes would see immediately. Test your video for a fresh perspective, make any necessary changes, and only then start using it to spread your message.

Produced a great online marketing video? We’d love to hear about it, as well as any other great tips you have.