Today, having an explainer video is as vital as having a website. Day by day, visitors look for these cute animated videos to quickly explain a product or service and avoid reading pages and pages to know how your business works.

Ok, you may already know this, but how about your boss? Oh, that’s a different story. How can you tell them that your brand would do better with an explainer video? (And take the credit for it!).


Well, today we’re giving you not just tips and advice on that but also a great load of useful educational resources so that you can give your boss a treat!

Here’s a great explainer video example made by Yum Yum Videos that you can show to your boss:

Now how do you convince your boss to make a great video like that? Read on:

  1. Show your Boss the Many Benefits of an Animated Explainer Video

An explainer video is the perfect pitch every time! Put it this way: it´s quite similar to having a direct meeting with each one of your visitors and that the pitch comes out perfectly!


An explainer video increases website’s visit time by 2 minutes on average, boosting your rankings in the search engines. And, due to its compelling nature, it also helps your brand to get more sales (a 20% conversion rate increase on average).

That’s why marketers claim that marketing videos are the online content with the best return over investment (ROI) for businesses; they know that for every dime spent on a marketing video, there’ll be a greater reward midway and long term.

This fun infographic sums up the reasons why explainer videos have become the latest marketing trend:

  1. Get Some Budget Considerations

When dealing with explainer videos, the cheaper option is never the best one, because the quality of your animated video is fundamental. Why? Because a bad-quality video will make your brand look bad and you’ll miss all of the marketing video’s benefits. So it’s very important to discuss this matter with your boss!


You need to bet on ROI and not on saving money during the first stages of video production. The usual 20% sales boost sustained in time will be greater than your investment on the explainer video production costs.

You can ask a video production company for a quote and go to your boss with a straight idea of explainer video pricing.

Watch out though: the most expensive explainer video companies are not always the best choice either. As we just said: don’t focus on the prices (cheap or pricey) but on quality instead! Quality is the road to success. But how can you tell? How can you actually measure the quality of an explainer video company? Keep reading and find out!

  1. Learn How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company

The answer is to hire a great explainer video production company that can offer you quality and expertise.

But how can you measure the quality of a video company? The marketing guide “How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business” can help you and your boss to measure animation quality, compare expertise, wisely check on portfolios, and all you should know before hiring a video production company.

Another important thing is that the company of your choice should have a simple and fun work process, one that doesn’t demand any kind of overwork on you and your boss. Here’s a summary of Yum Yum Videos’ production process so that you can show them a proper workflow:

Get ready: your boss will jump with excitement and ask “when do we start?”

We hope this advice has been useful for your brand!

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