Animated Videos Used to Simplify Complex Ideas

When done carefully and thoughtfully, animated video can be used as a marketing tool to explain, simplify, and beautify some complex (and perhaps otherwise dry) ideas and concepts.

Sometimes those come in the form of the explainer video. These are short, often animated explanations of a brand’s overall set of goals and/or mission. According to an article on Unbounce (about the potential rich value of the explainer video), because of shortened attention spans online, it’s good for brands to be forced to compress their product offerings “into 60 to 120 seconds and 150 to 300 words. This exercise requires businesses to find the best way to clearly and quickly convey the benefit of their product or service. Video scripts limit the number of words, requiring more to be said with less text.”

We’ve created some of these types of videos for clients. Tech companies Socialcast and Ooyala both needed ways to talk about their branded concepts and offerings simplistically:

Other companies choose to use animation to specifically explain one product. Redapt came to Magnet to explain its private cloud computing services. The challenge was that it needed to be easy to understand, but also not overly simplistic as to bore its client base of tech-saavy consumers.

It was a similar story for CommVault Simpana, which wanted to share its enterprise data and information management software through video in a stylish and easy-to-understand format. Inspired by the opening credits from Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can, they wanted to capture a similarl approachable and vintage feel that would communicate the sprit of the software.

Most recently, we worked with TIAA-CREF Financial Solutions to launch a microsite geared towards Millennials just setting foot into the oftentimes confusing world of personal finances. See an example below and visit the site for more:

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