Video is one of the most effective online marketing tools. A recent article, 7 Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions by Anton Eliasson presents different ways to use video to successfully market your business.
Here’s a list of different kinds of video to help your audience connect with your products and services.

1. Produce Videos
Make and produce your own product videos that display the main benefits and functions of your products and upload them on your website.

For instance, if you have an apparel store, aside from posting photos, create a video of people wearing your clothes. If you offer a service, use video to explain what problem your service solves and how it goes about doing so.

2. Tutorial Videos
Tutorial videos attract many viewers and among them might be your prospects. For example, create a how-to video on cooking different yummy recipes using your product. The focus isn’t to sell your product, but to be helpful and show practical skills that incorporate your product.

3. Product Walkthroughs
Walkthrough videos are a great way to help new users learn about your product.
Use Quicktime or another recording tool to create a video that has clear instructions and engaging narration. Once the video is complete, make sure your users have easy access to it by including a link on your web page or sending it in an email.

4. Screencasts
Instead of using text for FAQs, create videos with answers to general questions. Upload the screencasts to your FAQ page and direct customers to the links.

5. Social Proof With Testimonials
Customer testimonials can boost the credibility of your product’s value.
Ask a few of your long-term customers if they would provide a testimonial for your product. Before creating the testimonial video, give them specific questions to consider beforehand: How was their experience as a customer? How has the product benefited them?

6. Video Ads
You can create video ads for your product and upload them to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.
Make sure that you are targeting the correct audience when posting ads on social media.

7. Retarget Audience
Many guests will visit your website or YouTube channel, but pass on becoming a paying customer.
You can start a new campaign by creating a video remarketing list. Select which YouTube video to promote, as you would when beginning a video campaign.

There are many video tools that you can use to market your company and gain more awareness about your product. Pinpoint your business’ strengths and image, then find a video style that will showcase it best.