Having a visually stunning and highly informative webpage is a crucial tool for any business online that wants to make an impact nowadays. But if it’s to fulfill its intended purpose, your page needs appealing and effective content to engage new visitors on the spot – which can be a challenge!

Thanks to its versatility and creative potential, the good news is that video content provides you a great avenue to do just that. It’s why skilled video production companies are in such high demand as of late.

However, even after you decide to use video content, the question of what type of video would be the best fit for your page remains. And the truth is that it entirely depends on your website’s goals!

Do you want to drive sales? Enlighten your audience? Nurture trust?

To help you navigate the best options, we’ll take you through the six most popular (and effective!) types of video for your webpage. Providing helpful tips on how to optimize their performance as well!

Company Story Videos: Make Your Brand’s Values Shine Through

There is a reason why you and your team woke up one day with a vision in mind that drives you to work. When included on your webpage, this backstory can be of great interest to new audiences.

Company story videos are the kind of piece you want for conveying the values involved in your brand. With this type of video, you can let your audience know the perspective of the people whose everyday goal is to serve the user.

Everyone’s voice is important for this type of video. So, as much as possible, try to show a good range of people—workers, managers, engineers, the CEO—who can provide insight into your company’s story.

Pro Tip: The purpose behind company story videos is to empathize with viewers and make them connect with your business vision. To achieve this, you may find it useful to not only rely on interviews but to take audiences on tour around your company’s installations or share a core value or project they can relate to.

Take this piece by Starbucks as an example. They tell you about their company, but instead of focusing solely on their beverages, they showcase the company’s commitment to create and promote more environmentally sound products.

Testimonial Videos: Let Prospects Know How Others Benefitted

While it’s true that no one knows more about your brand than you do, it’s also true that prospects often prefer to gain third-party feedback. By knowing what other customers think, visitors will have more confidence to know whether your product serves their needs.

Testimonials are a great tool to leave a record of your past customers’ experience. With this type of video, you can have a one-to-one conversation with satisfied clients and interview them to get their honest opinion about your product’s quality.

Some useful questions to feature in your testimonial interview include:

  • How did you discover the product?
  • How was your first experience?
  • What are the differences between this solution and other offerings?
  • What impact did it have on your life and productivity?

By offering a range of useful questions, you’ll generate insights of huge help to your webpage visitors.

Pro Tip: Emotions are key to video testimonials. By the end of the piece, you want your audience to see how your solution helped transform the lives of others.

Emotions, however, cannot be faked. So, you need to ask questions that dig deep into the interviewee’s opinions to bring out genuine reactions. Also, capture these moments by playing with camera close-ups of the speaker’s facial expressions or how they move their hands.

Product Videos: Explain Your Solution’s Features

Let’s be honest: a big reason you want to design a killer webpage for your product is to close sales. To that end, many companies load their product pages with detailed descriptions. But if you want to make a great impression on your visitors, a product video can be a better option.

The purpose of product videos is to go over your solution’s intricacies in real-time. But the key is that this type of piece first and foremost offers a way to make your product more approachable. For example, you can use it to explain the functions that make your product distinctive or show its features in high-quality footage.

Pro Tip: With product videos, you don’t need to go through every detail of your solution in excruciating detail. Rather, focus on the key features that prospects need to know about now.

Just like the folks from I Wiz do in this piece. By focusing on the key value proposition of their new platform – instead of trying to cram the myriad of possibilities of their device in a single whiteboard animation piece – they ended up with a sleek, easy-to-follow piece that effectively presents their product to their audience.

Explainer Videos: Convey Your Message with a Simple but Effective Animation

Entertainment is a crucial factor in retaining visitors on your webpage. Capture their attention with engaging content, and they’ll grow more interested in what you offer. Part of the entertainment factor is in your piece’s script, but you can also generate it from the style of video you choose.

Animated explainer videos are one of the best ways to engage audiences as you take them through your message. This type of video heavily relies on creativity to entice users—you can use characters, whiteboard animation, or flowing graphics and shapes to illustrate your ideas.

Explainer videos are an excellent option to consider whenever you think you can show your product or service through stories and beautiful animation.

Pro Tip: Explainer videos come in all styles and forms, and there isn’t one that is “best” for your website. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and use all your creativity when producing your video.

This is particularly important when the product you are trying to promote has a rather complex nature or requires in-depth knowledge on a topic. Focus on having your visuals simplify and support your message, and your end piece will be not only effective but also relatable!

Tutorial Videos: Show Them How to Use Your Product or Service

You surely want the audience to know how useful your product can be, or how easy it is to handle or install it. In that case, a how-to or tutorial video can be an excellent addition to your website.

These videos showcase how to leverage your product or service in a step-by-step format, as well as the various things you can do with it. They are ideal pieces for marketing tech products, cooking appliances, or any item or service that can be used for multiple purposes.

The coolest part about producing this sort of video is that the style not only works for attracting new customers; it can also prove useful for those who already have your product on their hands and want to know how to get the most out of it!

Pro tip: It’s highly likely viewers will put your instructions into practice, so it’s vital to make your tutorial video simple, clear, and useful – breaking the explanation down to as many steps as necessary. Don’t assume viewers will already know this or that! Explain each step of the process as if you were talking to a complete amateur.

Educational Videos: Become a Trusted Reference in Your Field

Oftentimes, you will encounter audiences that are unusually curious, more interested in understanding the mechanics behind your product than in a sales pitch. Therefore, the best way to reach these customers might not necessarily be to outright promote your business, but rather to engage them with compelling educational content.

Educational videos are the perfect excuse to review the science that goes into your product. Use this type of video in your website to bring some light on the history, development, or facts at the core of your solution and address them through curious, thought-provoking questions.

Pro Tip: The idea of educational videos is to clarify the information relevant to your product, not to overcomplicate it. That’s why it’s crucial to keep any tendency to technicality at bay and leverage all the visual resources to deliver a clear, memorable explanation for your audience.

FAQ Videos: Clear Out Your Customers’ Doubts in a Single Piece

Who vouches for the quality of your product? What can assure your prospects that it works and will help them solve their problems? Your visitors may have these questions, and it’s vital to address them effectively. But instead of having a written FAQ section, why not put it on video?

FAQs pieces are a practical way of bringing in experts and thought leaders from your trade to offer valuable commentary on your solution’s details. Take some of the most common queries you encounter from customers, organize and reply to them in a well-made, interesting piece of media!

By gaining perspective on what they can expect (or not) from your product, your visitors will have more and better information to make a confident buying decision.

Pro Tip: FAQ videos can be game changers on ecommerce platforms, but never forget that user experience is everything with this type of content. Make sure that your website visitors can access the question they are interested in without any difficulties. Instead of uploading a lengthy wall of text or a video that drags on and on, try to break it up into shorter pieces headed by a specific question.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of technical know-how you need to consider to make a website that actually contributes to your marketing goals. But regardless of the specifics of each page you put together, there’s a type of video content that can help it shine.

So, the next time you consider what type of information to include on your webpage, consider adding a video to bring your content to life.

As a final tip, we recommend that once you have your video on the page, don’t be shy about showing it! Make it easily accessible to your visitors—if possible, one of the first things they can see on the page.

If you make it entertaining and informative enough, your prospects will appreciate viewing it.

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