Video marketing

In late 2014, the experts at MarketingProfs predicted that 2015 would be the year for video marketing. And they weren’t wrong; with 70% of marketing professionals claiming video converts better than any other medium, last year was a good one for the web’s ‘stickiest’ type of page content.

Video works. It’s that simple. If you want to promote a product or service to new or existing customers, video is a brilliant way to do it. So, why aren’t you doing it already? It’s time to plant yourself in that director’s chair.

In this post, I’ve got 7 brilliant techniques for becoming a video marketing star. You can do it. Here’s how:

1. Follow tried-and-tested techniques

Your smartphone may be capable of shooting crystal-clear 4K video and editing it on the fly, but there’s a bit more to video marketing than that.

There are tried-and-tested techniques developed by the pros which you can employ yourself. The entire process can be broken up into 6 distinct elements. Follow them to create a mind-blowing, engaging video for your product.

2. Make the first 5 seconds count

If you regularly use YouTube, you’ll be familiar with the adverts that often appear at the start. You’re usually forced to watch 5 seconds before skipping and YouTube sets that time limit for a reason.

You should be able to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds of your marketing video. Spend 80% of your time on that portion and you’ll be onto a winner.

3. Play on emotions

Think back to the adverts which struck a chord with you. I guarantee they featured a heart-warming tale of love, friendship or the desperate longing for a new home on behalf of a rescue centre dog. Playing on your viewers’ emotions is a surefire way to create a video which lasts long in their memory.

Such videos go viral – quickly. Make sure you tug a few heart strings with yours.

4. Music is king

If script writing isn’t your forte, or if you’re concerned about having to speak on camera yourself, you can do a lot worse than give music a starring role in your video.

Some of the best adverts feature music and video, nothing more. You can say so much with imagery and an ear-popping soundtrack – get it right and you simply won’t have to put pen to paper.

5. Collaborate

A marketing video doesn’t have to be a sole endeavour on behalf of the company it is promoting. Work with others and let them make a mark on your video.

Industry influencers, partners, customers – they can all add weight to the message you’re trying to convey and may well turn into unlikely stars of your video.

6. Don’t ignore the 5-second rule

There’s a lot of ‘5 seconds’ tips when it comes to video, and this one is second only to number 2 above: make sure each clip in your marketing video lasts no longer than 5 seconds.

We’re not talking MTV-levels of rapid editing here, but a focus on creating a slick, fast-paced marketing video. Your viewers don’t have time to waste – remember that.

7. Always think of your audience

Time for a harsh lesson: your audience doesn’t care about you. They care about one thing: themselves. This is true in all forms of marketing and is something you should definitely carry through to your video marketing efforts.

Your video exists for one reason: to tell viewers what’s in it for them. Why should they act once the credits role? Remind them throughout the video of the many ways in which your product will change their lives.


Before you grab the camera, consider each and every point above. Treat these tips as your video marketing bible: they’ll help you create engaging product marketing videos which will chime perfectly with the intended audience and provide a brilliant return on investment.

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