Some have dubbed 2015 the “Year of the Video.” Although we agree that 2015 was a breakout year, we believe that when it comes to video marketing the surface has only just been scratched. The more case studies, white papers and research reports we read, the more impressive the numbers appear to be. So to help spread the enthusiasm, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite video marketing stats from the past month.

1. Video Leading the Charge: According to AOL’s 2015 State of the Video Industry Report, digital ad spending for the year was estimated to top $58 billion; up nearly 14% from 2014. “This growth shows no signs of stopping,” states the report, “with digital spend projections reaching $93.7 billion by 2019, and much of that growth acceleration coming from digital video.”

2. Don’t Forget to Watch a Video Before Packing: According to research conducted by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, 50% of travelers use online video in some form before they decide where to go for vacation. In particular it was revealed that 67% use video to choose activities within a destination, and 63% use video to help select an accommodation.

3. With Video Winning, Who Exactly is Losing? AOL’s 2015 State of the Video Industry Report also notes that 9 in 10 buyers are shifting dollars from Linear TV to digital. Of the marketers moving towards digital channels, 88% are shifting that television spend to some form of video. In particular, 55% noted part of that reallocation would go to mobile video.

4. It’s a Mobile World and We’re Just Living In It: According to eMarketer’s Mobile Advertising and Marketing Trends Roundup (December 2015), mobile now accounts for most of the time that US adults spend with the Internet. The report speculates that US spending on mobile video ads will more than double by 2019.

5. Linear Television Isn’t the Only Loser: According to Adobe’s Digital Index Q3 Digital Video Report, tablet share of video starts declined 7% year-over-year, while smartphone share is up 33%. ”Between connected TV devices, such as Apple TV and Roku, and then mobile devices,” explain Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at Adobe Digital Index, “it looks as if video viewing will go in those two directions. Tablet consumption won’t be as important as it once was from the marketer standpoint.

6. Branded Content Had a Very Good Year: According to Visible Measures, branded video drove more than 14.6 billion views in 2015. Interestingly enough, more than 26% of 2015 branded video campaigns hit 5 million views.

7. Video is Powerful…But Not Invincible: According to a survey conducted by Limelight Networks, these are the top four reasons why Internet users will abandon digital videos:

  • The playback is of a poor quality
  • There are too many ads during the video
  • The video pauses/buffers more than once
  • It’s not clear at the beginning what the video is about