Getting a viewer to click on your video once requires ingenuity; getting a viewer to click continually requires a methodical approach.

It’s no secret that in today’s marketing world video is the best way to engage possible clientele. But what do you need to do in order to maintain your audience once you’ve captured their attention? With all the online videos out there maintaining a popular page is no easy feat. What is viral today is quickly forgotten tomorrow, or as the old adage goes, it gets its “15 minutes of fame.” But never fear, there are a few methods that you can use to maintain a steadily growing audience through video marketing. The main goal is to build a trusting relationship with your clientele where you can be depended upon to provide consistent quality content. Here are a few tips on how to build that trust.

Don’t Get Overly Promotional

Your latest video received lots of views for its creativity, and now you think that it is time to post a promotional video in order to take advantage of the current traffic, right? WRONG! Today’s audiences are accustomed to years of old-fashioned outright promotion, and nothing makes them run faster in the other direction. Thus, you don’t need to use your video marketing strategy to explain all the ways that your company can help or ways that your merchandise can be used. Your website and your explainer video were created to do just that. Trust that your audience is tech-savvy enough to find your website and make a purchase or send an inquiry, if they like what they see.

Alternatively, your video page is the place to get creative and let your audience in on more than just the facts; display the personality, style, and tone of your brand. Ideas like: behind the scenes footage or CEO interviews are perfect for this type of page. Give your audience something that can genuinely interest or inspire. The clips should be entertaining while always tying back to the brand.

Publish Your Content According to A Schedule

If your viewers like what they see they’ll likely want more but they won’t keep checking routinely for new content; they’ll move on to something else. Create a schedule for uploading new content and stick to it. It will give the viewer who enjoyed your clip an incentive to come back for more. Announce somewhere on the page or at the end of your video clip when your viewers can expect to see new content. Be sure to be as specific as possible as to when the new content will available, for example, every Wednesday rather than weekly. Finally, the most important part of all of this is to stick to the schedule! Once viewers know that you can be trusted to provide new content of the same variety, you will have them returning consistently.

Make The Majority of Your Content Native

Sharing content is all well and good but it doesn’t help you generate new fans for your page; it helps generate fans for the page where you found the share-worthy content. The content that you put up should be native, so when customers think of your brand they can refer to your native content as a reference. Creativity is always appreciated on the Internet because it is becoming more and more of a rarity.

Posting During Peak Hours

Every platform, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram has a peak time when there is the most traffic on the site. Upload and share your video content during these times to increase your chances of generating traffic for your page. You can research when the peak times are by searching through each social network’s analytics. For example, can tell you the most opportune time to post while Facebook has this information right on your profile under the Insights tab.

Outfit your Page with a Memorable Design

You’ve no doubt spent serious time and deliberation creating your company logo and your website layout; your video page should be no different. If successful, this page will become the introduction to your brand for many new customers and will be a gateway towards creating more traffic for your website. Thus, the page should reflect the company stylistically. Your video page can be a part of your website, or it can be a page on a blog site like Tumblr. Either way, if sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram host your videos, make sure that your actual video page is a separate page that you can personalize stylistically. Those other sites will merely host the clips while your video page should be more of a calling card for your brand.

Teaser Videos

This tip is for the experienced video marketer; the marketer that already has their native content and scheduling down. Creating teaser videos about the upcoming content or the latest company news is a great way to keep your video page humming with traffic. If you can spare the time to include these extra 30-second videos to your video schedule, you will be able to lock in a larger audience due to the overwhelming reliability of the fresh content. Teaser videos are remarkable easy to make. Simply make a clip containing snippets of next week’s video with some fun captions, and you’ve got yourself an engaging teaser video that helps build anticipation for your newest creation.

So if you have a business whose audience you’d like to expand, committing to a video marketing campaign can be a fun, creative, unexpected way to achieve that goal. You’ll be making a giant leap ahead of your competition.