6 Tips on Creating a Marketing Video for Your Website

Technological developments in the past two decades have given entrepreneurs a virtual avalanche of new and exciting ways to market their small businesses. Social media is a growing giant that’s still in its infancy; blogs can build a loyal audience; podcasts, as well; and of course the options for online PR placements are nearly unlimited.

Another strategy not as well capitalized upon, however, is a simple marketing video. A high-quality product posted on your website can do wonders by drawing attention to your company and converting that attention into dollar bills. Here are six tips for creating a stellar marketing video for your company’s website.

1. Invest in Quality Equipment
You can actually produce a great video with your smartphone, as long as it has the right specs and you know what you’re doing. The iPhone 5S captures video in crisp 1080p HD and the Samsung Galaxy S5 features HDR video with up to 4K resolution.

If you’re in doubt about your phone, however, consider going with a camcorder. Check with the experts at your local electronics retailer for guidance based on your pricing requirements. You may also want to invest in some lighting equipment to ensure your video is easily viewable.

2. Write Out the Narrative Beforehand
You never want to begin your video unrehearsed, so write out your narrative beforehand. This should not only include any dialogue – whether spoken in-scene or in voiceover – but should also include a shot list. Your video is telling a story about your company – make sure the story is powerful and effective before you even think about hitting record.

3. Do a Few Dry Runs
Practice makes perfect, so do a few dry runs before you begin long shots that require any kind of display or presentation. Practice in the mirror or, even better, in front of a few friends or family members. Once you start rolling, if you can’t get the lighting right, consider shooting it outside on a sunny day – as long as that backdrop fits in with your message.

4. Keep It Brief
As a general rule, try to keep your videos to less than two minutes. Make them concise, brief, and to the point, and you distill your message down to its most essential elements and increase your chances of keeping your viewer’s attention. If there’s more you want to get to with any particular video, split it up into parts.

5. Post Across All Marketing Channels
Once your video is complete, don’t just post it on your website – there are too many great marketing channels you do yourself a disservice by ignoring. Put it up on Facebook and YouTube; and Pinterest features an option for videos, as well. You can even post videos to your LinkedIn profile now. Also consider creating a drummed down version of your video and posting it on Instagram, where you’re limited to 15 seconds. If you can get it down to six seconds, post it on Vine.

6. Don’t Forget the Call to Action
People who find your video on your website are more likely to understand any subtleties and industry jargon than those who discover it on social media accounts or other platforms. To convert these viewers to customers, it’s essential that you include a call to action. The simplest ones are often the most effective: “For more information, go to…” and then mention your URL or include a clickable button link beneath the video.

Final Remarks
If costs are a concern – which they are for almost all businesses – try completing your video on your own. Pick up the right equipment at a good price using eBay or Amazon, and put your common sense to use as you move through the process. Have a friend, family member, or trusted business associate review the video prior to posting it, and before you know it you just may be a video marketing expert.

Have you had any luck creating marketing videos for your website?