Here are six crucial things that you should know to improve your animated commercial.

An animation video is a great way to market a product or service, introducing it to the audience in an engaging and creative way. However, many companies go down with animated commercials even though their products are amazing. The reason may lie in the inappropriate use of commercials and lack of knowledge about animated video marketing. To help you succeed with your animated commercial, we share these six tips and secrets to creating an outstanding video.

Keep it short

You might hear this tip many times, but it doesn’t make it less important. A concise and short marketing video has significantly more chances to win the audience’s attention than a longer commercial. The modern user’s attention span is 8 seconds and decreasing. It means that you have only 8 seconds or even fewer to make viewers interested and motivate them to continue watching. The first 8 seconds are uber-important, and the video length also matters. We recommend keeping it as short as possible.

Be straight to the point

It somewhat refers to a previous tip, making a greater emphasis on the video’s conciseness and informativeness. Making your video short also means making it straight to the point. A marketing video should always deliver a business idea directly and make it clear to the audience. A script should be straightforward enough, not endeavoring to explain everything about a product in a few minutes. Focus only on vital information and unique product value.

Embed a call to action

Let viewers understand what they should do after watching the video and tell them about the next step. You can do it by simply adding a call to action at the end of the video. We don’t advise using multiple calls to action. One clear and direct call to action can guide viewers on what they are intended to do next to continue interacting with a brand. However, if your strategy requires leveraging several videos, you can test different calls to action in those commercials to find out which of them works best, so you can use it in your next videos.

Set a tone with relevant music

Just like a visual, a sound makes a big difference too. It can create a powerful impression, especially if combined with a strong visual and narration. Most video creators develop the animation and script first, choosing music when the video is almost done. However, it doesn’t work well since it’s impossible to adjust the animation for the music effects as successfully as it could be if the animation was initially created to match the music. Choosing the right sound is essential as it sets the tone and vibe of the video.

Speak about the benefits not features

When producing a marketing video, keep in mind that product benefits have greater importance than its features. Of course, it’s crucial to mention that there is a new product on the market, but it’s advisable not to get into technical non-sense. Instead, emphasize how your product can benefit the users, what makes it different from competitors and which advantages make it special. It’s a simple yet effective marketing practice, which most companies underestimate when it comes to animated video production.

Incorporate humor and fun

Don’t forget about adding a pinch of humor to your video. The brand’s main goal is to make the video resonate with a target audience. Relevant visual metaphors, jokes, and surprises can add fun to your commercial. This tactic can help you make the video outstanding and memorable. It is one of the most effective tips for creating a product explainer video.

Wrap Up

If you want to create a video marketing campaign that will go viral, you should definitely be aware of some secrets of successful commercials. These six simple tips will help you make the video in which visuals, voiceover, and music combine to create an unforgettable impression on your audience.