Mobile marketing is big business, and its only going to become more important. With people spending so much time on their smartphones and tablets, the online marketing industry is seeing a marked shift towards providing content aimed at mobile users, with video becoming the most powerful tool. Views on YouTube are almost doubling year on year, and half of all these views came from mobile platforms in 2015, a truly staggering amount of footage.

With this in mind, many advertisers are wondering how they can best reach mobile viewers. Here are a few smart ways you can boost your video marketing’s effectiveness:

  • Specialised hosting platforms like Virool offer a plethora of options for presenting your video in the right context. Virool’s “Vertical Reveal” hosting is specifically designed for mobile viewers, with the screen’s aspect ratio set to the vertical orientation of a smartphone – a great way to drive user engagement.
  • Integration with social media is easier and deeper than ever, with platforms like Facebook Canvas offering brands the opportunity to integrate video into their adverts seamlessly. Social media is a great way to promote your brand as it helps establish your identity and increase your reach without affecting your advertising budget.

Mobile Devices Continue To Grow

  • Videos that are too long and don’t get to the point quickly enough have a precipitous drop-off rate. This reflects the browsing habits of mobile users; they’re not sat at a desk with a full-width screen in front of them, but scrolling through their phones on the go. This makes for more casual browsers who are quick to discard content that isn’t immediately entertaining.
  • YouTube ads are mobile-optimised, with their new 6-second bumper ads deliberately targeting smartphone users who are unwilling to sit through a lengthy advert. Try condensing your brand message down into this super-compact format; it’s surprising how much you can convey in only six seconds.

YouTube Ads Are Optimised For Mobile

  • Be platform-conscious; sweeping vistas and glorious detail that looks stunning on your desktop screen are unlikely to have the same effect on a palm-size touchscreen. Tailor your ads accordingly, taking advantage of striking colour palettes, strong contrast and bold visuals to make your content stand out, even on a small screen.

With mobile marketing becoming ever more competitive, the industry is responding with innovative new ways to optimise content for mobile devices. By taking advantage of these new developments and tailoring your adverts to this hugely important sector, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns.