Are you even marketing your business if not with videos? In an overly competitive market, that’s a valid question to ask.

It’s because 83% of people agree that a product/service explainer video helps them in making a buying decision.

If you’re not already, you should invest in an explainer video that puts your business out there.

But how should you go about doing that? Here are some general rules of thumb you should follow for an effective business explainer video:

1. People over products

Some businesses have the misconception that making their product the hero of their marketing efforts would bring in results.

Quite to the contrary, you should position your ‘audience’ as the protagonist of their own story.

Showcase how your product complements their superpowers and helps solve their problems.

Your business explainer video shouldn’t imply your interests, rather it should let the audience know what’s in it for them.

2. Narrative transportation

Humans are narrative beings. For centuries, it is how we have connected generation after generation.

Hard-selling is a thing of the past. People want to know your business’ ‘story’.

Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values? What’s your brand’s journey? How can you make the world better?

These are the questions that the modern audience asks and you must answer them in your business explainer video.

The coherence among your production elements i.e. the animation, sound design, voice-over, etc. and your script should be immersive enough to impact the audience’s attitudes and behaviors.

3. Behavioral insights

You set up your business for a reason. You wanted to solve a problem or satisfy a need through your product or service.

Whatever your reason may be, most businesses bank on human behavior to drive sales.

Observing your audience’s daily activities and finding pockets for your product placement is essential for an effective business explainer video.

Invest time and effort into identifying the audience’s behavioral insights that you can work to your benefit. Then, build your business explainer video around them.

It will help the audience have that ‘eureka moment’, realize why your product or service is a must-have for them, and increase your memorability by manifolds.

While some audience insights are easily observable if you pay attention, others lie hidden in the numbers.

Dip into the data provided by your analytics platform to analyze common customer behavior trends.

Chances are you’ll be able to identify audience preferences in much more detail.

You can then use this information to create specialized explainer videos.

Tweaking your content according to specific audience segments would help you position your brand better.

It would also send your relatability through the roof.

5. Contextualize with animation

Some products and services have complex operations that are hard to understand with live production.

This is especially true for virtual and SaaS services as they’re not tangible.

Animated explainer videos are useful for this purpose as they don’t have any logistical limitations like live videos.

They have the power to simplify complex concepts through symbolic illustrations and deliver them in an easy to consume way.

For instance, depicting the collective processes of an M2M service can be made much easier via an animated explainer video.

Key takeaway

It’s tempting to go in head-first and talk extensively about the product or service you’ve put your heart and soul in to.

But an impactful business explainer video focuses on building a personal connection with the audience first.

The more knowledge you have about your audience’s lifestyle and problems, the better and more convincing narratives you can create for your videos.

Through power visualization and simplified explanations, you can increase audience comprehension of your business.