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As a business owner, you’ve likely heard of the importance of gathering written testimonials for your business. You likely have them on your website and maybe on a sales page, but that’s it. You’re also probably wondering whether or not it’s working. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve had written testimonials from clients for years and I can’t trace a single new client to them. However, once I started using video testimonials, I started booking more business.

It’s not enough to just have video testimonials on your website. You should actually have them in a few different locations to get the most bang for your marketing buck. Here’s how to get started.

What is a video testimonial?

A video testimonial is a brief video where you interview one of your clients. By brief, I mean five minutes. If you go over by a couple of minutes that’s okay.

During the video you try to get the answers to three main questions:

  • Where your client was before they started working with you.
  • How your product or service helped them.
  • Where they are now.

You’ll especially want to highlight any major wins. For example, I had clients go from earning $!,000 a month to six figures within a year. I’ve also had others book high-end clients and quit their jobs.

Your Facebook Pages

I know for a fact that I booked new business thanks to video testimonials I posted on all of my Facebook pages. There’s one video testimonial in particular that grabbed a lot of people’s attention because I immediately started getting messages about it.

You can also take it a step further and put the videos in any Facebook groups you own. This too got a lot of attention.

Facebook Ads

Video testimonials are extremely effective as Facebook ads. They grab people’s attention and they show your market what’s possible.

In the last couple of months, I’ve been using video testimonials as ads for opt-ins to build my list. Since implementing this strategy my monthly opt-ins have doubled.


YouTube already receives a ton of traffic. If you want to take advantage of that traffic in an effort to book new business, consider uploading your video testimonials to your YouTube channel.

Your Consultation Page

This is something I actually learned from a colleague that I admire. If you take consultation calls for your business, consider putting some video testimonials there. This lets prospects know off the bat that you are able to get people results. In doing so, it increases your chances of closing the sale.

Your Sales Pages

Similar to having video testimonials on a consultation page, you’ll also want to have them on sales pages. This includes sales pages for large programs or even on a simple upsell page after someone opts-in to your email list. The latter strategy has allowed me to make money in my sleep because I accept payments directly from the page.

Final Thoughts

Having client testimonials is a surefire way to prove that you can get people results. By getting them on video, you add a new dynamic to the conversation. You also improve your chances of closing the sale.