Videos are the most popular type of content on social media, and every successful marketing strategy needs them. But creating video content alone isn’t enough. You need to put together videos that capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to engage. And in a world where people are consuming content at a rapid rate, making your video content stand out can be tricky.

Here are five surefire strategies to make engaging videos that will catch and keep your audience’s attention.

1. Grab Their Attention in the First Few Seconds

The first few seconds of your videos are the most important. If the beginning of your video doesn’t capture your audience’s attention, they’ll keep scrolling until something does catch their eye. On social media, you don’t have the time to ease viewers into a story that takes a while to get rolling before the big reveal like you would in a full-length video production.

So, tell your audience what they can expect right away – that way, they’ll know from the start that the video contains content that they want to know more about. Once your viewers are curious about the information you’re sharing, they’ll be more likely to watch the entire video and engage with the content.

How you’ll do this will depend on what kind of video you’re sharing and what the goal of your content is, but some popular options include opening with a surprising fact, showing an emotionally compelling image, or spotlighting your new product from the first frame.

For some inspiration, check out how this video from GoPro sets up the excitement from the first second.

2. Be Visual

When creating a video, many people feel the need to make the very first frame a title card. This might work well for presentations or long-form videos, but on social media, the best strategy is to include as many visuals as possible. Making sure your video content is packed with eye-catching images from start to finish will not only help you catch your viewer’s attention but also keep it the entire way through.

Think about the DIY videos that have boomed in popularity – the most engaging ones begin with a striking image of the finished product before guiding you through step-by-step. And when text is needed, it’s usually overlayed onto the video alongside the imagery. Take a look at how buzzfeedtasty takes you through an entire recipe in only a few seconds, keeping the detailed instructions in the caption.

3. Creative Storytelling

Video content gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience by telling a story. Good storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with your audience by showcasing how your brand fits in with the human experience. People connect with stories about other people, especially when the content is emotional or inspiring.

Instead of presenting simple facts about your product, use your video content to spark an emotional connection. Take a look at how Beats by Dre teamed up to tell a short, humorous story with Taylor Swift.

4. Keep It Simple

People don’t scroll through their Facebook feeds to watch a feature-length film. Quick and simple facts and ideas in short videos tend to work better than long and complex ones. Don’t try to tell your brand’s entire story or showcase your entire product catalog in one video as it will overload your viewers with information.

For the best results, highlight one main idea in each video you create and try to keep your videos between 60-90 seconds in length.

5. Include a CTA

Don’t expect viewers your viewers to take initiative after watching your video if you don’t give them some instructions. Be direct about telling them what you want them to do – whether it’s to click through to your website, sign up for a newsletter, or follow you on Facebook, they’re more likely to take action if you tell them to. So, capitalize on the fact that you already have their attention and encourage them to interact with you further.

When you incorporate these strategies into your videos you’ll be capitalizing on the most popular form of social media content and see your engagement rise. And when more people are engaging with your content, it’s potential for organic reach grows, meaning your content reaches more people.